Discover Olivia Garden! We are opening it on the 17th of May especially for you!

Dear Residents,

Here we are! We would like to invite you as our first guests to Olivia Garden! We are opening it on the 17th of May, especially for you so that you are the first to see and feel it with all your senses. We hope that it will delight and fascinate you and that it will become your favourite place.

We have designed it with you in mind so that you can catch your breath, commune with nature, recharge your inner batteries and even work among greenery. You can hide under palm and Ficus leaves, sit in a tree house (haven’t you dreamt of such a house as a child?), you can just admire exotic plants from 4 continents, picturesque crane flowers, subtle plumerias and lilies from the mezzanine. Humming waterfall, birdsong and rustling wind will soothe you.

We know that you waited quite a long time, but special things are worth waiting for 🙂

FEEL INVITED! Be a frequent guest in Olivia Garden.

You can now book the date and entrance time (the first day is the 17th of May).

― ❁ ―

How to do it?

  • Go to garden.oliviacentre.com
  • Register and confirm your Resident status.
  • Generate a free residential ticket to Olivia Garden!
  • Important: use your company email address.
  • Did you not receive the confirmation e-mail? Write to the aplikacja@oliviagarden.com

― ❁ ―

We have prepared many events and surprises that will be waiting for you for the next weeks 🙂 Follow us in social media, look at screens in the buildings, don’t go past the reception desk 🙂

SEE YOU! Meetings are in our nature 🙂

In the very near future, we will invite everyone to Olivia Garden who wants to immerse themselves in greenery, take a breath and meet in nature.

Follow what’s happening in the garden, here

For a whole lot of details, please visit:

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