Cinema on Jupiter invites you to the film “The Pilgrim”

We invite you to the screening of the film “The Pilgrim” and a meeting with Marek Kamiński

“The Pilgrim” is an extraordinary film story about the road, about people and about Europe.

Marek Kamiński, a polar explorer and traveller, sets off on the Camino de Santiago. He makes a pilgrimage along the Way of St. James from Kaliningrad, formerly Königsberg, to Santiago de Compostela in Spain, and more precisely from the tomb of Immanuel Kant – the symbolic Pole of Reason, to the tomb of St. Jacob – the Pole of Faith. The Way of St. James is a 4000 km journey through 6 countries, which is 120 days of travel and meetings with inspiring people. During this exhausting march into himself, the great traveler begins to doubt the wisdom of his venture.

From the review by Piotr Drzewiecki (caminodelavida.pl)

“In the film, I see Marek Kamiński again, in whom I would like to believe and who is attractive. This is a plus of the film made by Jan Czarlewski. Kamiński does not discover America, the name of feelings, states, desires, emotions accompanying each pilgrim. This simplicity is the greatest asset of “The Pilgrim”. Finally, there is no poor and indigestible version of Paulo Coelho for me.

Walking through Europe, Marek has a chance to talk to people who come out to him. Especially in Poland, where in some places whole villages line up to greet him. There are people who wander with him and talk about different topics. Often irrational: will concrete set on Mars? One of the funniest moments was the question of a journalist from Szczecin: “where are you going?”. I don’t think there was a single person in the audience of the European Solidarity Centre who didn’t burst out laughing.

Sometimes you can hear the director’s questions in the background: “how do you feel?”

and usually the answer: “I’m just going”.

The film perfectly captures what happens to a person on the road. After a few hundred kilometers, you no longer feel physical pain because EVERYTHING hurts. The hardest part is getting up and sleeping. But worse than physical ailments are the mental ones. “What are you thinking? – asks the director. About nothing. If you don’t think about anything, you travel into yourself.” – Marek answers. I wrote this sentence from the movie in my notebook in bold. I like it.”




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