But it was happening!! Children’s Day for young and old 2024 is behind us!

On June 8, 2024, an unforgettable Children’s Day for young and old took place at Primary School No. 35 in Oliwa! This unique event gathered several hundred children, parents and friends of Olivia and Primary School 35. Everyone (yes, yes!) had the opportunity to participate in various attractions prepared especially for this occasion. The weather was good, and the joy and smiles on the faces of the participants made this day remain in the memory for a long time.


Four Fun Zones


The event was divided into four zones, each offering something unique.


Food & Chill Zone. It was here that you could relax and eat delicious delicacies. They were served m.in. pancakes, casseroles, fries, cakes, grilled sausages, fruit and ice cream, which were very popular.

Toddler Zone. The youngest children could play with face painting and create giga soap bubbles. This zone was a real paradise for children.

Edu & Fun Zone. Educational workshops were held in this zone, including learning about ecology, first aid classes, you could guess logistics and mathematical puzzles and take part in workshops on healthy eating.

Sport Zone. Lovers of physical activity could try their hand at various disciplines, such as hockey, skating, football, handball, in games and arcade activities.



Unforgettable attractions


The whole event was graced by a DJ who took care of the musical setting of the event. Thanks to him, the atmosphere was even more joyful and full of energy. In addition, we were visited by firefighters, who presented a fire engine, which aroused great interest among the kids. Whole families could also admire talent shows, take part in dances and Zumba classes. There were competitions and lotteries with prizes. Nobody left empty-handed:)


Many thanks to all the organizers, residents, teachers and parents! Without them, it would not have worked, because only #RazemmozemyWiecej! It is thanks to you that the children had the opportunity to experience something extraordinary and will remember this special Children’s Day for a long time!


Photo: Maciej Roszkowski

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