Beach, sports and… hundreds of thousands of zlotys to help children

What do the Vistula beach, the real estate industry and helping children under the care of the Children’s Memorial Health Institute have in common? A lot, it turns out. On 4 August 2016, for the seventh time, the Charity Beach Volleyball Tournament of the Commercial Real Estate Industry was held, of which Olivia Business Centre had the honour to be a partner.

This year, another record was set. As much as PLN 360,100 was collected for the Children’s Memorial Health Institute. The funds were raised from team registrations, auctions of items from sponsors and individual donations and will be used to purchase two vans for transporting blood and medicines. And that’s certainly the most important piece of information.

However, the most impressive is the scale of the entire event organized by JLL Poland. 44 teams took part in the competition, with a total of 308 players, and in the whole event – approx. 1500 people. The players struggled on five pitches for almost 9 hours – once in a light rain, once in the scorching sun. As many as 104 matches were played to determine the winners – the Panattoni Europe team.

There is also the most pleasant factor, i.e. the atmosphere of the whole event, which could hardly be conveyed by any photos or descriptions. It is a unique combination of healthy sports competition and an opportunity for integration for representatives of the entire industry. Spectacular, dedicated actions on the pitch, which would not be ashamed of professionals, take place simultaneously with animations in the children’s play garden. It is an event that combines a healthy, sporty lifestyle, outdoor recreation, establishing business relationships and is a real help in achieving a noble goal. It is a tournament that not only unleashes the fire of sports rivalry, but also could cause the more sensitive ones to shed a tear while handing over a symbolic cheque to the representatives of the Foundation.

Olivia Business Centre had the honour to be a partner of this year’s edition of the tournament, and at the same time a sponsor of prizes for the winning team.


See photos from the event below and on the Olivia Business Centre fanpage. And this is how the games looked in motion…


It was certainly a service ace for the Panattoni Europe 🙂 team



The sacrifice of some players during the game knew no bounds.



And all this in the spirit of fair play and sportsmanship!



Players who were not playing at the moment could regenerate or… wring out a few extra zlotys on the bike. Every kilometer traveled was worth a zloty.



Winning Team 7. Charity Beach Volleyball Tournament for the Commercial Real Estate Industry – Panattoni Europe. On the left, Tomasz Trzósło, Managing Director of JLL in Poland, and on the right – Mirosław Wachowiak, Vice-President of the Polish Volleyball Association, the honorary patron of the tournament. On the right: Jake Jephcott, Business Development Director at Olivia Business Centre



Giving gifts and handshakes for the winning team from Olivia Business Centre. In the photo, Karol Jakubcewicz from the marketing department of Olivia Business Centre congratulates us.



There was also a triumphant pouring of champagne. Both the team and the spectators bathed in it:)



A cheque for PLN 360,100 was collected by Elżbieta Golińska – Member of the Board of the Society of Friends of the Children’s Memorial Health Center Foundation; Krystyna Ławicka – Vice-President of the Children’s Memorial Health Institute and Małgorzata Syczewska, Director of the Children’s Memorial Health Institute.



After the auction and the transfer of the collected funds, it was time to party until dawn 🙂


See you next year, during the next, eighth edition of the tournament!

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