Autumn will be good for us!

The red hills outside the windows and the colder days leave no doubt – autumn has come to Oliwa. It’s time not only to take warmer clothes out of your closets, but also to take special care of your physical and mental health.


At Olivia, we are starting to support activities for the prevention and treatment of breast cancer. On this occasion, on October 1, the façade of Olivia Star was lit up with a pink ribbon – a global symbol of the fight against breast cancer. In under the so-called On the first of October, in cooperation with Energa and UCK in Gdańsk, among others, we will promote oncological prevention. Ahead of us are lectures with the participation of specialists, bra fitters and patients who have won the fight against the disease. Details in a moment!



Since autumn requires us to take more care of our health, we will invite you to participate in events that provide the right amount of exercise. We won’t let you forget about sport! If you are hesitating to avoid the morning traffic jams by choosing a bike, we say: yes! In Olivia, there are zones for cyclists both in the outdoor area and in the garage halls.


Less sun, rain and longer evenings make our exotic garden the perfect place to spend time. Here, summer lasts all year round. In Olivia Garden, you can relax in the warmth, sipping vitamin cocktails and resting in the shade of cycads! Be sure to visit this place to recharge your batteries. Remember that as an employee of Olivia Business Centre you have free entry to Olivia Garden. 


We will keep you informed about all events and ways to strengthen yourself. Stay with us and see for yourself that autumn can be healthy! Follow our news on the screens in the elevators and in the corridors of the offices,  on the web and in our social media!


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