At Olivia, we share a passion – become an Ambassador of your passion!

Do you love the latest technology or maybe you like board games? Are you a master of samba, rumba, yoga, bingo? Do you love crime series or maybe books with groundbreaking ideas? Do you organize sports picnics, chess clubs, culinary workshops? Are you a volunteer? Do you paint? Write? Do you train? Do you do radio shows? Do you make video content? Do what you love with us and

What is important to us is what is important to you – professionally and non-professionally, because we believe that we will always #razemmozemywiecej!

So many people, so many passions, so we already have Na Jowiszu Cinema and OBC Choir. We organize Olivia Camerata concerts and meetings of women in the IT industry as part of Olivia TechWomen. We exchange knowledge during the O4 Workshop. In addition, we run, ride a bike, do Nordic walking, sail together… And, of course, we’re playing footy!:)

But that’s not all. We want to do even more with you!


Would you like to share your passion? Tell us about it? Organize a joint meeting, workshop, training? Dance or work out together? Gain acquaintances and maybe even, in time, friends? Do it with Olivia!

• For a nice start: a welcome pack, and access to the O4 Coworking common areas (so that you can prepare for the meetings/workshops you want to organize with us)
• A conference room for a meeting of your Passion Team.
• A small snack during a workshop, training, networking…
• Communication of your event using: Olivia Business Centre website, OBC social media, multimedia screens, m.in. in Olivia Star. If you have your own website, YouTube channel, blog/video blog, we will inform you about it/redirect you to it.
• Presentation of you, your hobby, your Passion Team during Olivia’s open events, such as Summer on the Patio.
• If you wish: an interview/video with you and about you/your Team promoted by OBC.
• Renting/buying small equipment so that you can carry out your classes.
• Entrance to the 34th floor of Olivia Star (wow!).
• Abasador’s business cards.
• Once a month, a nice surprise (e.g. lunch at Natka, a voucher for a delicious burger, etc.).
• Once a quarter, a joint integration meeting of all Ambassadors!
• Once a quarter, participation in a selected workshop of the O4 Workshop
• Once a quarter, an invitation to a paid event of your choice in Olivia, so that you can develop and gain additional knowledge.
• Ochterian Card (10% discount on an attractive offer of partners).
• Cooperation with the Olivia Business Centre communication team.
• Legal assistance (the legal department of OBC will take care of GDPR issues, participation cards, registration for events).

• Regular meetings.
• Taking care of the ever-increasing attendance rate.
• Constant contact with the Passion Team, the core of which must constantly consist of at least 5 people.
• Substantive preparation.
• Communicative activity (on our own and our communication channels).
• Mutual promotion and cooperation.
• Constant contact with the coordinator from Olivia. We’re here to help!
• Be an Ambassador of your passion, supported by Olivia, in your company, organization, among your friends…


Our Ambassadors are:

Janek from Airhelp (naOLIVIAlnia)

Ela from OBC (OBC Choir)

Maciej z Arrow (Role Playing Games)

Magda from Arrow (Wandering Together)

Mariusz (Father’s Club)



Tell us about what you love and present your idea for organizing an event in Olivia and with Olivia Business Centre! We will provide you with all the help you need to put your plan into practice and share your passion with us.

Write to the following address: elzbieta.sumionka@oliviacentre.com, with the password AMBASSADOR” in the subject line of the email.



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