Another season of the Olivia Sports football league has ended

In the grand final, the defending champions, Omida, met the PwC team, which was “only” in sixth place after the regular season. After a fierce and even match, Omida’s players turned out to be better, winning 11:7, ending their perfect season in a big way. Three goals each in the final were scored by Paweł Friszkemut, Maciej Daniluk and Dmitry Kachnar, another two goals were added by the top scorer of the entire competition, Patryk Ziarko. As many as four goals, to which he added 3 assists, were scored by Carro Ramirez for the PwC team.

In the match for the third place, HK Finance turned out to be marginally better than Bayer, winning 7:5. Jakub Piotrowski and Bartosz Fila (both HK Finance) scored hat-tricks. Rafał Górski responded with two goals for Bayer.

The fair play award went to the Dream Team Indestructibles Energa, who in a very important match with HK Finance, which ended in a draw, resigned from a favourable decision of the referee, noticing an injured player of the opposing team. That’s the point, bravo! 🙂

The next season is coming soon! More information and registration: sport@oliviacentre.com

author: Pawel Pinker


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