An exceptional meeting of entrepreneurs and investors at the Olivia Business Centre

Pomeranian entrepreneurs and investors met today at the Olivia Business Centre under the aegis and at the invitation of the Pomeranian Regional Chamber of Commerce (PRCC).

The meeting was opened by Sławomir Halbryt, President of the PRCC Management Board. President of WSE, Małgorzata Zaleska, talked about “How to raise capital for development” and suggested the stock exchange as a possibility to finance development strategies. The stock exchange is a form of capital redistribution and effective allocation. Investors holding capital surpluses may allocate them to companies with, in their opinion, significant growth potential.

Marek Rybiec, President of the Management Board of Skarbiec SA was a special guest of the meeting. He shared, inter alia, his experiences concerning the funding of company development with bank loans, capital cooperation with private equity funds and issue of securities.

The Olivia Business Centre was the partner to this event.

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