A unique Residents’ Cup. It’s a work of art

Apparently, there are already legends about the Olivia Business Centre Residents’ Cup. Deservedly so, because this year’s trophy, although it has many dimensions, is one symbol – of toil and effort that should never be in vain.

This is only a seemingly similar story, of which there are many in sport. The idea of the Star Challenge was born two years ago. It was created from a combination of passion for sport and the desire to help – Christmas seemed to be the perfect time when hearts are full of goodness, many of us are humming carols, and the thought of wrapping presents and the Christmas Eve table more and more often makes us reflect that there are people next to us and the most important thing is to be even closer to them.

Cup Idea

When we passed each other in Olivia’s halls, met on the patio, waited in line at Natka’s, a thought came to our mind that we don’t have to ignite you to action, because there is a fire in each of us – all we have to do is fuel the flame, and sooner than we expect, great things will happen. That’s when the “cup idea” came up. At first, we were cautious, because it seemed to be madness, and we, full of organizational concerns, wondered if the relay teams of the Residents would stand at the start line after all. They stood and won, because in the Star Challenge, everyone who climbs the 34 floors of Olivia Star is a winner, and the next floor climbed brings you closer to your goal, which is to help those in need. In the first edition of the race, Nordea triumphed and it is the joy of their relay that is remembered by the children of the Children’s Home, for whom they had to struggle with weaknesses and many crises.

Good Prevails

We have been thinking about the second edition for a long time. Knowing that you will be in this with us, we decided that something has to happen that will make the Cup known as a country long and wide. Alicja Stańska – an outstanding artist, the only Pole who can boast the title of a graduate of the Ecole Lesage in France – offered to help with the realization. Alicja’s embroideries are works of art that European galleries are fighting for. The power of the Star Challenge worked and it turned out that the artistic challenge would be taken up by Grzegorz Cysewski – a sculptor, the only representative of the Diesel Punk trend in Poland, and Miłosława Śliwińska-Skoczek, who is already being referred to as an icon. At their invitation, the
Alicja Stanska Art Gallery
in Warsaw the only sculpture of its kind in the world – co-created by blind children from Sobieszewo. Covered in gold, on the stairs, which for these children are the most powerful metaphor.

Children from the centre in Sobieszewo visit the artist Alicja Stańska in Warsaw. This is how foot castings are made…

The moment when the winning relay team received the Cup from Alicja Stańska was exceptional. In this small fraction of a moment, all the emotions of the world were enchanted, proving for the second time that good prevails.

AirHelp and Thyssenkrup, thank you.

Outstanding artists Alicja Stańska and Grzegorz Cysewski during the Star Challenge in Olivia

Good triumphs

Short English summary

We were thinking of the 2nd edition of Olivia Business Centre Residents Cup for a long time. Knowing that we will be accompanied by you, we decided that something will have to make the Cup famous nationwide. Alicja Stańska, the famous artist and the only Pole who graduated Ecole Lesage in France, has offered her help. The embroideries made by her are pieces of art, which every European gallery desires and is ready to fight for. Star Challenge’s power worked and Stańska was joined at this artistic challenge by Grzegorz Cysewski , the only Polish sculptor who belongs to the Diesel Punk movement, and Miłosława Śliwińska-Skoczek, who is already considered an icon. It was at their invitation that the blind children from the Centre in Sobieszewo came to Alicja Stanska Art Gallery in Warsaw and helped to create the most unique sculpture in the world. It is gold-plated, placed on the stairs, which is the most powerful metaphor for the children.

The moment when Alicja Stańska handed the AirHelp relay team the Cup was special. This very moment stirred all the emotions, and for the second time proved that good triumphs.

AirHelp and Thyssenkrup, thank you.


Dagmara Rybicka, Olivia Business Centre

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