5th Birthday of Tri-City Geek Girls Carrots in Olivia

5th birthday of Tri-City Geek Girls Carrots in o4 Olivia Business Centre coworking

The fifth birthday of Karotek in the Tri-City is behind us. The meeting, which gathered a large audience in Gdańsk’s Olivia Business Centre, was an opportunity to celebrate the jubilee of Geek Girls Carrots together. We are very glad that among the participants of the jubilee meeting there were many familiar faces – participants of previous events, befriended experts and people related to the IT industry, but also new guests, whom we hope to meet more than once during events under the aegis of GGC.

Links to Facebook Live Streaming: Part 1, Part 2

, Part 3

After the main organizer Anna Czoska welcomed the gathered guests, Kasia Gola

gave a lecture on trends on the border of fashion and technology

. The second speaker of the evening, Natalia Talkowska

talked about the use of modern visual media in conveying ideas and information

in a way that is of interest to buyers. Thanks to this speech, we are already sure that Snapchat and Pinterest are not only for collecting pretty photos, but can be tools in serious business ventures.

The culmination of the evening was an exceptionally substantive and engaging debate moderated by Monika Bogdanowicz with OBC with the participation of Urszula Gołowicz (software tester), Dominika Makuch (programmer), Lidia Krystoforska (scrum master), Anna Marchwicka (UX designer) and Martyna Wędzicka (designer). The panelists were given a special task of dealing with stereotypes of IT as a “male industry”. These stereotypes have been built for years by the media, especially by Western films and TV series, where computer geniuses are still mostly men, and characters like Lisbeth Salander reach a wide audience thanks to Swedish creators. However, the changing environment in the IT industry is constantly evolving, and despite the current employment disparities, the positives of diverse teams are increasingly being recognized – they are usually more efficient, faster, less prone to conflicts, and have a greater potential for innovation. Fortunately, there are so many opportunities for development in the field of new technologies that everyone can participate in their creation. The invited panelists also talked about these opportunities – about their path to IT, motivation, inspirations, overcoming prejudices, discipline and necessary good habits, as well as endless learning.

Programming is still a profession in which we are wrong. It is not yet a fully mature industry, there are no fully laid processes in it. The knowledge needed to grow this industry is vast, and there are no people who know everything. Programming is about, among other things, questioning one’s own skills, questioning one’s competence is part of a programmer’s lifeDominica

In horticulture, it has been discovered that the most fertile or living areas are on the border between different environments, such as forest and arable land, so that they combine the power of both. This is also the case in the world, in team building – the greater the diversity, not only of gender but also of personality, the stronger the team is, although of course attention should be paid to building a common space for cohesive functioning. NASA, for example, has an interesting team building system based on differences – if we’re the same, we’ll be too weakLidia

In this job, I appreciate a kind of IT “snobbery of knowledge” – it is not good if someone has already stopped learning. Without it, you can survive in this industry, but not succeedUrsula

I have experienced that not only having a mentor, but also being a mentor for someone is very developing and shows that we can do more, even if we think that a given path has already been “” a dozen times, something else can be squeezed out of itAnna

Being a part of the GGC community is all about inspiration. Karotki give support and a sense of being in a community of people who want to start working in IT or have already started it and have their own experiences and can share them –

Photos courtesy of Geek Girls Carrots Tricity

The jubilee meeting lasted until late in the evening, as the participants and guests let themselves be carried away by networking over coffee and carrot cake, as well as additional attractions accompanying the event.

Geek Girls Carrots would like to thank everyone for coming and all those who are very supportive of them virtually and could not be present. “We are very grateful for your support and look forward to many more anniversaries together,” they add.

Partners of the event:

Pracuj.pl Dynatrace Jamel Interactive

Helion Speednet Atena Solwit

O4 Coworking MedioGrafia – photos, content, social media

Geek Girls Carrots Tricity Team:

Anna Czoska, Katarzyna Wrzałka, Jowita Kessler, Aleksandra Kubacka, Ida Wilczek

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