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We recommend December trips

In December, thanks to Olivia and  Grupa Rekreacyjna 3miasto  you will not be bored. It is true that the winter scenery is not as colourful as the autumn one. However, we also have a suitable recipe for the period which is grey and gloomy (unless it snows). We will take you to evergreen seafront forests, Bory Tucholskie (also known as Tuchola Forest) and landscape parks... Here are our suggestions.


02.12 Through the hills towering over the Strzyża stream
09.12 Trip to Elven Valley and meeting with Santa Claus (registration required)
16.12 Gdańsk with a guide: the secrets of the Old Town (registration required)
23.12 Natural monuments in Górne Tarasy in Gdańsk
30.12 With a backpack full of stones, through the mountains of ... Gdańsk (a trip as part of the post-holiday calorie-burning workout)


04.12 A cycling trip among the sand dunes of seafront forests
05.12 A family hike through the Lubiatowo Dune
12.12 Wandering in the Bory Tucholskie National Park

You’re welcome to join us!

Details soon!