Olivia Garden awarded with the prestigious 2022 European Property Awards!

Our phenomenal Olivia Garden, the only exotic garden in Poland located in the heart of the business center, was awarded the prestigious 2022 European Property Awards in the "Landscape Architecture" category. The winners were jointly: Malinowski Design Urban & Landscape studio, which is the author of the project and Olivia Center - investor and garden operator.


The competition, which dates back to 1993, involves the best projects implemented throughout Europe. Every year, several thousand investors from around the world submit their applications, and the winning projects are selected by a jury consisting of real estate experts, architects, journalists and investment advisers. The projects compete in four categories: investment, architecture, interior design and the real estate market, which awards the achievements of industry leaders.


Olivia Garden is a carefully designed space with an area of ​​almost 800 m2, filled with thousands of tropical plants, representing over 150 different species of plants from such exotic countries as Indonesia, Australia, New Guinea, Madagascar, Malaysia, Borneo, Costa Rica, Venezuela, and tropical forests of the Amazon. In addition to numerous plants reaching 2-3 meters in height, more than 30 large trees have been planted in the garden, the largest of which reach up to 11 meters above the ground.


Olivia Garden is the result of innovative thinking about the nature of the workplace, in which the proximity of nature positively affects the well-being and efficiency of work. The project was created in response to the needs of residents of the business center and with the residents of the Tri-City in mind, for whom it is another attraction and offer to spend their free time.


Olivia Garden has been divided into 4 zones to offer space for various activities. In the shade of a black olive, integrated into the vast mezzanine Bucida Buceras withthere is a TiKi-style bar, serving fresh cocktails and light oriental dishes. The garden is a perfect space for organizing social and business meetings, independent work and rest, as well as organizing lectures, workshops or concerts, because it has an amphitheater, tables hidden among dense vegetation and comfortable places to relax.


- I am very pleased that the work we have done together enjoys such great recognition, this time from the jury of the European Property Awards - says Dariusz Malinowski from Malinowski Design Urban & Landscape. - It also shows that such solutions are expected by users. Guests who have already visited our garden know that it is an extraordinary "jungle" in which a person feels full comfort and the plants thrive. It is a truly living organism in which we have provided the plants with ideal growth conditions. It is proved literally and figuratively by the fruits of our work, because more and more often we collect papaya, pomegranate and cocoa fruits growing on trees in our garden. And they are not only there for decoration, because when they reach maturity, they go to the kitchen or Tiki bar, where exotic cocktails are prepared. I would like to thank everyone who participated in the project for their passion for work and determination.


The goal of Olivia Garden is to provide a new quality of spending time working and relaxing in direct connection with nature, regardless of the season and weather conditions. The glazed body has a characteristic sloping roof, referring to the architecture of the top of the Olivia Star building, at the base of which it is located, and the historical shape of the Olivia Hall, with which Olivia neighbors. The design of the interior was the responsibility of the Malinowski Design Urban & Landscape studio, and the Design Anatomy studio was responsible for the implementation. Work on the final concept lasted many months and involved not only architects and botanists, but also an interdisciplinary team of specialists, consulting the solutions with the residents of the Olivia Center.


- After months of operation, Olivia Garden has become a mature project, and the plants have already undergone full acclimatization, so they grow lush, creating a unique impression on all guests who can try sweet and juicy papaya - says Boguslaw Wieczorek, attorney at Olivia Center. It is very important that this space is appreciated by our residents who use it on a daily basis as a place that offers rest, relaxation, but also a space allowing for concentration and stimulating creativity. It is an absolutely unique project appreciated also by numerous Tricity residents and tourists. This is particularly important to us, because we want everyone to feel at home in Olivia. For this reason, for years we have been developing functions that are targeted at a wide audience and that attract visitors all day, 7 days a week. The observation deck, located on the 32nd floor, is particularly popular. Olivii Star, prestigious 33 floor restaurants or a conference and event center on the 34th floor. It is worth recalling that these spaces have already been awarded in the European Property Awards in 2020, and previously won the Marshal of the Pomeranian Voivodeship award as the event of the year.


  • Olivia Center residents, owners of the My Olivia application, use Olivia Garden and the Observation Deck free of charge. 
  • Guests buy a ticket that provides an extraordinary experience at Olivia Garden and allows you to visit the Observation Deck. 


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