Viterra – the world leader in the cereal market – has opened its new offices in Olivia

Viterra – the world leader in the cereal market –

has opened its new offices in Olivia Centre. Viterra is present in 35 countries and operates in the most important global markets. It has occupied a representative office on the top floor of Olivia’s newest building – Olivia Prime B.


– A new Resident is always a great joy, especially since Gdańsk has been a historical centre of grain trade for hundreds of years, and Viterra Polska is a leader in the sale of not only cereals, but also oilseeds, legumes, sugar, rice, cotton, vegetable oils and biodiesel – emphasizes Maciej Kotarski from Olivia Centre. – Viterra handles 1.5 million tons of goods annually in ports, exports 2 million tons by land, and has ten of its own storage locations in Poland, elevators that allow it to store 350,000 tons of goods in Poland. tons and its own production of vegetable oils.


The office on the 14th floor of Olivia Prime B provides stunning panoramic views of the Bay of Gdańsk, the Gdynia cliffs in Orłowo, the marina in Sopot and the green Tri-City Landscape Park surrounding Olivia. The premises cover an area of over 1400 m. Kw. and a private terrace, located above the office, on the 15th floor, where lounge furniture, deckchairs and greenery have been prepared.


Viterra, as a company from the plant trade industry, perfectly fits Olivia Prime, whose interiors have been designed by
the architectural studio Design Anatomy
in the spirit of biophilic design, combined with the power art trend: Olivia Prime is a unique building in every respect – says Maciej Kotarski.We place great emphasis on the contact of its users with nature and natural materials. Extensive terraces, filled with vegetation, frequently appearing wood, as well as greenery suspended from the ceilings make an amazing impression in an ultra-modern office building. Olivia Prime is also very surprising with the interiors of the elevators, which are lined with fragrant natural wood, which provides an unparalleled experience for all guests of the facility. At the same time, the building is saturated with art. Murals in all halls, walls designed like paintings, screens in the main hall – vertical structures moving in many planes. The combination of the biophilic trend and power art allows us to meet two needs. The first is the harmony of the spirit and the sense of contact with nature through soft furniture, plants and natural materials in the spirit of biophilic design. The second is the need for strength and energy, providing users with a place that fills them with good energy. Entering work is supposed to make us smile, energize, make us feel a surge of power and want to act.


Olivia Prime is one of only 4 buildings in Poland with an all-glass triple-glazed façade, which provides the best possible lighting in autumn and winter. This helps to ensure better well-being of employees. In spring and summer, the triple-glazed façade prevents overheating and provides thermal comfort even on very sunny days, and in the winter and autumn months it allows much greater access to daylight, which is so important for humans.


Viterra is not the first company from the food industry to open its offices in Olivia Centre. Earlier, Paula Fish, which employs over 800 people, found its place in the largest Polish business center. It is not only one of the European leaders in the fish processing market, but also a pioneer in ecology and sustainable development. The main goal of the company’s development in the coming months is related to achieving climate neutrality, the use of environmentally sustainable fishing methods, as well as the most environmentally friendly fleet of vehicles used to transport their products.


Polish Agro is also one of the companies that cannot often be associated with modern business centers. The main profile of its activity focuses on the trade of fertilizers, plant protection products, as well as seeds and agricultural products. The company is part of the DAVA Agravis International A/S group. Its companies are among the leaders of the agricultural market in their countries and operate mainly in the Baltic Sea region.





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