Speednet with the Olivia Centre Cup!

It was two days of great emotions. Over 100 players from 13 teams competed in the 1st Volleyball Tournament for the Olivia Cup. They were fast and tireless! They overcame fatigue and weakness. In the end, Speednet and PwC faced off in the grand finale! Won… Speednet, defeating their rival in two sets (2:0). Silver in the hands of PwC. The third place on the podium was taken by the Bayer team, who fought with the team from Sii in the semi-finals. The MVP of the tournament was Grzegorz from Speednet, playing (really like a lion) with the number 3.


Olivia made it to the quarterfinals. We were eliminated only after a fierce battle with the already mentioned Bayer.


The quarter-final matches were played by:

  • Sii vs Lyreco
  • Bayer vs Olivia Centre
  • O4 Coworking vs PwC
  • Speednet vs Olivia’s Friends

Semi finals:

  • Sii vs PwC
  • Bayer vs Speednet


  • Speednet vs PwC (2:0)

Thank you for this extraordinary time!



Group Stage Results





  1. Sii
  2. Olivia Centre
  3. Telus International
  4. Nike


  1. Bayer
  2. Lyreco Advantage
  3. Ricoh


  1. O4 Coworking (mix: Zaplify, Fellow Finance, Winning Moves, PredictX, O4)
  2. Olivia’s Friends
  3. Aspire Power Club


  1. Speednet
  2. PwC
  3. Oliva & Chill
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