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The change in the nature and use of modern offices means that business centres are fiercely competitive, outdoing each other either in terms of lease terms or prices. Olivia has chosen her own path of providing tenants with what they need most. One of these areas is recruitment support.


At the beginning of 2022, the real estate market was informed that Olivia’s residents are recruiting nearly 2,000 at the same time. Employees. Soon, companies such as Amazon, Nike and Telus , which provides services for giants such as Facebook, were joined by Capgemini, which announced the construction of its structures at the level of 800 people in the coming months. Such a dynamic development of companies and the resulting needs are actively supported by Olivia Centre, which develops a number of their own and supports the initiatives of consulting companies operating in its buildings, so that companies can acquire the staff they need to achieve business success.


It was here that the Tri-City HR Club was established five years ago, currently associating 200 people involved in the recruitment and personal development of employees from all over the Tri-City. The club is a field for the exchange of knowledge, analysis of trends and cooperation with numerous consulting companies and academic centers. It is also a recruitment hub that provides job offers for many employers in one place, which makes the search easier for all interested parties.


– Our activities focus on analysing trends and changes in the market situation – says Małgorzata Gwozdz, the initiator of the club and at the same time the director of the HR department at Olivia Centre. – The club provides many benefits for the entire Tri-City HR community. Recent years have introduced huge changes to our environment, especially in the work model, which required HR management departments to work very hard and adapt the organization to the revolution that was associated with the organization’s transition to remote work. Our cooperation during this period allowed us to share experiences, inform about the implemented solutions, and learn and motivate each other. In the post-pandemic period, we are preparing our members for the challenges of hybrid work, ongoing employee motivation, and incentives contributing to their return to the office.


Coworking O4 is an organization that not only provides space for startups, but also actively supports developing companies from all over the center in terms of acquiring employees. O4 has established cooperation with the most important universities in the entire agglomeration, thanks to which a speed-dating project was created. Recruitment speed dates, during which students have the opportunity to present themselves to employers and get their dream job before graduation. Speed-dating was intended to be mainly an introduction to the actual recruitment, serving to interest both sides of the process. However, as the experience from the previous 4 editions shows, the initial selection of candidates carried out by the O4 team results in nearly half of the candidates meeting the expectations of recruiters already at the first stage, being offered a full-time job soon after the process is completed.


The involvement of O4 Coworking is not limited only to the organization of meetings between employers and students. They are preceded by a series of meetings during which job candidates learn self-presentation, CV development and the ability to extract as many facts as possible from their experience that have a chance to catch the eye of company representatives. In this way, many young people come face to face with a recruiter who is well prepared and fully aware of their value and competences. This practice also affects the satisfaction of future employers, who are faced with well-motivated and trained job candidates.


Cooperation with schools also takes other forms. O4’s experience includes career accelerators , during which young people, under the supervision of experienced mentors from leading global corporations and innovative start-ups, work on their own projects for half a year. After the acceleration is completed, the teams present their projects in front of a professional jury, which evaluates them in terms of innovation, chances of success, as well as the ability to present their ideas as a team in front of an audience of nearly 200 people.


Olivia also supports a network of consulting and training companies that have been operating in her area for years. One of the most active units is the InfoShare Academy, which trains programmers, and the InfoShare conference, which have been able to count on financial and organizational support for their projects for years. Olivia is also home to the Gdańsk Foundation for Management Development and theTalent Development Centre. The former helps to develop the managerial staff of corporations, being one of the leaders of MBA (Master of Business Administration) courses in northern Poland. The Talent Development Centre organises courses for young people and adults in the field of preparation for recruitment and entering the labour market. Last year, it organized 241 variants of workshops, which were attended by a total of over 4,000 participants. persons (978 adults and 3099 adolescents)


Surveys conducted among employees of all companies located in Olivia show that there is something else that they themselves value, and which for them is a big magnet motivating them to come to work. It is the comfort of work and the community they feel a part of. Numerous Events such as summer on the patio with live music, catering and accompanying events, or year-round projects, such as Olivia Yacht Club, photography club, football and volleyball sections, mountain biking, cross-country running or the possibility of yoga training in the Olivia Garden botanical garden are not available in any other office center in Poland.


“Our research shows that both employees and employers highly value the projects we initiate, which on the one hand integrate and affect job satisfaction, and on the other hand relieve employers of the need to organize them on their own. –Says Bogusław Wieczorek, Plenipotentiary of the Management Board of Olivia Centre. What’s more, the results of the research also show that a significant proportion of people who change jobs look for it among other Olivia companies, precisely because they do not want to deprive themselves of many everyday amenities. It is a great satisfaction for us and a confirmation that the direction we have chosen is conducive to the development and success of tenants.


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