Be ECO with Edyta! Test the machine for the earth!

We invite you to our patio on May 15. From 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., the amazing Edyta Bieniasz-Krzywiec from Bayer (
winner of the Olivia Prize in the Eco category
!) will present the fantastic Machine for the Planet!
You can approach, ask, test, learn everything about how to recycle plastic into everyday objects at home (wow), e.g. combs and buttons.


The event is part of a larger project dedicated to Bayer employees and their families, called Eco Family Days. This is the second edition of EFD organized by the Bayer community, WeCharity and EcoFriends to inspire and encourage people to live in the spirit of ECO.



What’s on the agenda?


Edyta’s team will present (and promote, of course!) the production of everyday objects from materials obtained as part of the HOME circular economy. Of course, with particular emphasis on plastics and bio-waste.


There will also be a mini-workshop (not only for children) with a demonstration of techniques for forming waste plastic using a mobile injection molding machine powered by green energy and creating objects from bio-plastic formed from homemade biomass. You can try to create such a comb or a super button.


And there will be useful advice from our experts on: your own composter and eco-compost for your own use or the pH of the soil.


There will be interesting materials to take!

Olivia Centre

Wednesday, 15.05 | 11:30-13:30


Edyta Bieniasz-Krzywiec and her family run the
EcoFloral Profile
website and it’s worth taking a look there:)








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