The final of the Football League on May 31!

Another season of the Olivia Football League is underway. 7 teams entered the competition. They fight like lions! The FINAL is upon us! The lists will be (...)

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Spring in Olivia is in full swing...

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Today we invite you to the concert 🎼🎶 The Olivia Center Choir under the direction of Wiktoria Pagieła and the Intimate Choir under the direction of Małgorzata Kuchtyk will take you on a musical journey on May 30th at 19 pm. 00:XNUMX.

🎵 The repertoire includes well-known and liked songs from the genre of entertainment music.

...🎵 'Get on the train' The concert of the Chamber Choir and the Olivia Center Choir will take place in the Christ Church in Sopot at 21 Obrońców Westerplatte Street.

🎵 Accompaniment: Marcin Twardowski and Adam Pietrzak.

This train takes you on a journey without a ticket, but it guarantees a good mood and positive energy of travelers 💙 Enjoy ❗

Children's Day for small and big ones is just around the corner 😁😍
There will be a lot going on on June 3, so you can't not be at the 👉 Olivia community picnic in Olivia Park 👈 We cordially invite you and assure you that there will be no boredom 🤡🥳💪
We know that ...#RazemMozemyWiecej, so we work together with our fantastic Residents and Neighbors:
💙Santander Bank Poland; Energa SA; Non-Public Kindergarten Biały Kotek - Olive; Starbucks Poland; Nike; Primary School No. 35 with Sports Departments in Gdańsk Oliwa; University of Gdańsk Development Foundation; Faculty of Oceanography and Geography of the University of Gdańsk; Papugarnia Gdańsk & Bistro; RC Foundation...💙

And we reveal what's in our zones (and these are just some suggestions ❗)

• outdoor game
• workshop "Something from nothing: do it yourself - recycling for children"
• art workshop
• Wild Cuisine - edible herbs (wow!) and natural delicacies

• shots on goal
• Handball
• floorball
• dancing
• skipping ropes

• upcycling/zero-waste
• face painting
• big bubbles
• crazy hairstyles

• Pizza
• burgers
• retro cotton candy
• ice-cream
• coffee for kids

To be continued…

Ps. Photos from previous editions of course 😁

If you haven't sailed with Olivia Yacht Club yet, this is the time 🥰 Wind in your hair, sea salt on your cheeks... And on top of that we have something good for everyone❗
⛵ sailing trip for two or three hours after work (every Wednesday)
⛵ all-day fantastic cruise on the Gulf of Gdańsk ...on Sundays (the next one is May 21th and you can sign up for it 👇👇👇

🔵 And you don't need to have sailing experience, just a good mood 😁

This Friday in Olivia 59 mobile blood collection action - OAZKEV 2023. There is still a moment to sign up for a specific hour.
Write to: mojakropelka@gmail.com
👉 The power bus parks from 8:30 to 14:00
👉 People who plan to donate blood must remember to:
...be healthy
▪ do not donate blood on an empty stomach, i.e. eat a specific non-fibre meal and drink 1 liter of still water;
▪ be rested and rested;
▪ do not smoke two hours before donating blood;
▪ do not drink alcohol, also on the day before donating blood

#RazemMozemyMore together with Kropelka Energii and RCKiK in Gdańsk

Hey ho, let us know that the weather is going to be great this Wednesday after work 😁 The sun is supposed to shine and the temperature will reach 20 degrees Celsius. And what do we do on Wednesdays ❓ We're sailing ⛵ So, if you want a cruise on the Gulf of Gdańsk, click here 👇👇👇
There is joy, there is fun, there is power 😁 And the helmsman in the photo is Maciek from Sii Poland 🥳🥳🥳

Back to Sunday sailing ❗⛵ Feel the sun on your skin, the wind in your hair and the taste of salty drops. Sail with us on a beautiful cruise ❗ The first all-day, Sunday swimming with Olivia Yacht Club on May 7th 😍

⛵ start and end: 9:00 to 19:00, Marina Sopot
...route: depends on weather conditions, plans include Rewa, Jastarnia, ditch of the Vistula Spit, Hel (if the wind blows...)
⛵ equipment: layered clothing, comfortable soft-soled shoes, sunglasses, sunblock and a hat

And here you can buy a ticket:

See you in the Baltic waters 👋

#Earth Day is the perfect day to start working for the planet ❗ We have inaugurated the bike challenge #OliviaBikeChallenge 🚵 ♀🚵🚵 ♂ You can take care of your health and physical condition and the environment with us 🌳 Join the Olivia Center club in ...Stravie, create a super community with us, take part in our sports challenges, and prizes and recognition await 😁 And by the way, you will do something PRO-ECOLOGICAL, for the Earth and yourself. Anyway, throughout May, we will remind you in Olivia why it is worth cycling and that we support cyclists.


We're sailing ‼ ️ First cruise with Olivia on April 26th ⛵️ The number of places is limited, so it's worth signing up now.
▪ We start from the most beautiful marina in Poland, because it is located at the end of the Sopot pier. We also end our cruise here.
▪ We depart at 18:00
▪ We are back at... 20:00
▪ The cost of the cruise does not include entry to the Sopot Pier.
▪ A resident can buy two tickets at once: for himself and for an accompanying person.

See you 😁

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