Our summer suggestions!

It will be short but succinct. We start our summer activities. We invite you for sunset cruises: every Wednesday and for classes with (...)

A new route to Olivia

Graphcore R&D center in Olivia

The third edition of the Oliwa Neighborhood Budget has started


In Olivia

We sail on Wednesdays The first cruise of our summer sea trips is in a moment, on June 29 ⛵
🔘 We invite beginners and experienced people.
🔘 Those who want to enjoy summer to their fullest.
🔘 We do not require sailing experience, you must have ...only good mood.
🔘 We start from the most beautiful marina in Poland, located at the end of the Sopot pier. We also end the cruise here.
👉 We depart at 18:00
👉 We come back at 20:00


Olivia residents can purchase one additional ticket for an accompanying person.

photo: Olivia's archive, Olivia Yacht Club team

Hey Cyclists, time for a trip after work 😁 On Thursday, June 30.06, we're going to the Pomeranian world. As always, the team from Grupa Rekreacyjna 3miasto is leading.
▪️ We will traverse the lower and upper terraces of Gdańsk.
▪️ We will take a bath break at the Otomińskie Lake. Take it with you ...towels and bathing suits.
▪️ We will drive along the beautiful forest routes of the Tricity Landscape Park, so shade is guaranteed.
▪️ We will touch on the Kolbudy Forest District.

👉 Route: approx. 45 kilometers, recreational pace.
👉 Remember about a fit bike, helmet and drinks.
👉 Collection at 17:30 pm at Starbucks

◼️ Tickets:


Today we present the super-production of our O4 Coworking, which was and immortalized THIS day. The day during which we discovered the child in ourselves 😘 And it was happening on our patio, oh it happened😁 😁

Remember, the child in us is the most fantastic creature beneath ...the sun. Let us nurture such a child because it is pure positive energy. And each of us has them, seriously 💙

With pre-weekend greetings, Olivia and all our excellent co-hosts of the June event 😁
Biały Kotek Private Kindergarten - Oliwa, Natka bistro; Medicover Poland; O4 Coworking; @SPEEDNET; Olivia's Adventure League; Santander Bank Polska; Energa SA; CICHY Design Olivia Beauty Center

Do you know that Oliwa is one of the oldest and most beautiful districts of Gdańsk You want to learn more about it We invite you for a tour around work With a guide who knows everything about Oliwa❗

In front of us...
🔹 Beautiful tenement houses and their jacquard patterns ...verandas
🔹 The Oliwa Cathedral and the historic park
🔹 The Sandwich plate and the Gate House
🔹 The Grove of the Fathers and the Valley of the Elves
🔹 The tour is led by Wojtek Romejko, a licensed Gdańsk guide

Collection on June 23.06, at 17:00 p.m. on the square in front of the Oliwa Cathedral

👇👇👇 TICKETS 👇👇👇

We invite you together with the 3-city Recreation Group.

Whoever loves basil, thyme, lovage and mint, let's come tomorrow (June 22) for a meeting of the Flora Olivia club. As always, Mrs. Green leads them - greenery for the office and company. Magda will show you how to grow herbs at home and talk about:

🌱 position and sunlight
🌱 selection... land and fertilizing
🌱 watering
🌱 application

🔵 Each participant will get their own herb, which they will be able to plant in their garden or on the balcony 🪴

🔵 You can buy a ticket here 👇

See you 😁

A slightly longer weekend is approaching and you probably have the sun and the beach in your head, so today we would like to remind you that just after the weekend there will be a Drop of Energy in Olivia - 49 mobile blood donation campaign - OAZKEIV 2022. It's time to sign up 🥰
🔵 WHEN IS THE ACTION? 21st June ...(Tuesday), from 8: 30-13: 30
🔵 WHERE? The power bus will be parked in Olivia's C parking lot
• by sending an e-mail to the following address: twojakropelka@gmail.com and indicating the time of participation in the action
• in the return e-mail, the Kropelka Energii team will confirm this time or propose a different one

Behind everything, as always, are there, immortalized in the photo, Tomasz Rubanowicz and Piotr Krysiński❤️💙

See you later.

This Saturday will be full of impressions and events. We have chosen for you ...

🔵 The European Poet of Freedom Festival, which lasts until June 11, and which will also be held at Olivia Garden. On this day, at 11:00 am, we invite you for a coffee with the winners of the Gdańsk Literary Award "Europejski ...The Poet of Freedom ”: Luljeta Lleshanaku (Albania), Dorota Horodyska, Marianna Kijanowska (Ukraine), Adam Pomorski | host: Zofia Król

🔵 We also see each other in Oliwa for the Viva Oliva District Festival. Of course, you will meet Olivia there 😁

🔵 In the evening, drop by Olivia Star for Sunset Music on the 32nd floor of Olivia Star

#OliviaPoleca # LoźnyPiątekOlivia #weeekend

ps. these are the places and views in the city of Gdańsk 💙

We couldn't decide which photos to choose 😁 Thank you for the Children's Day, which started on June 4. First, we saw each other at the Children's Fest at our Neighbor - Primary School No. 35 with Sports Branches in Gdańsk Oliwa, to remind you a moment later... myself, already in Olivia, what is it like to be a child 🥳

We would like to thank our fantastic Residents, thanks to whom we could go crazy 😆 Let's also remind here the power of attractions:

▪️ Formula 1 simulator and excellent coffee from Santander Bank Polska
▪️ crazy, colorful hairstyles from CICHY Design Olivia Beauty Center
▪️ full of flipper and popcorn from SPEEDNET
▪️ plays gum in Spanish and classes from Biały Kotek - Oliwa Private Kindergarten
▪️ live cooking with Natka bistro, that is delicious waffles, pasta with strawberries and lemonade
▪️ basketball competition, duels with players from the 3 × 3 basketball team from Energa SA
▪️ sweet networking from O4 Coworking
▪️ meeting with the Olivia Adventure League club with a special invitation to a two-day RPG workshop that is currently happening
▪️ a mysterious tooth machine from Medicover Polska
▪️ and finally a knowledge quiz about Olivia with Olivia (you managed ❗😁)

See you on the patio soon.

The fifth edition of the Pomeranian Voivodeship fire fighting championship in the run up the stairs is behind us. And the fourth one was played in Olivia❗ The firefighters had to overcome the 34th floor of Olivia Star❗
🏆 The fastest - Adam Dettlaff and Jan Oreszke from the County Headquarters of the State Fire Service in Wejherowo - ...they covered this distance in 6 minutes 😮

👉 In the fire brigade, actions are taken in rota, i.e. teams of two, and such 24 teams took part in the competition. They ran in full firefighter uniforms, helmets and breathing apparatus - all weighing nearly 15 kilograms.

👉 Here are the podiums and times:
🥇 Adam Dettlaff and Jan Oreszke, Wejherowo - time: 6.04,44
🥈 Andrzej Zaborowski and Piotr Dembicki, PSP KM in Gdynia - time: 6.22,80
🥉 Artur Piechowski and Dominik Łoś, PSP KM in Gdynia - time: 7.03,41

In front of the two best teams of the Polish championship in Warsaw.


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