The XNUMXrd edition of the Oliwa Neighborhood Budget has ended!

Another pool of money goes to the inhabitants of Oliwa. We have completed the XNUMXrd Edition of the Oliwa Neighborhood Budget.


Projects in the field of neighborhood integration, generally accessible recreational infrastructure and creative workshops for children are projects that received funding from this year's edition of Olivia's neighborhood budget, the results of which were announced on September 15 during the Olivia Festival.


Oliwa Neighborhood Budget (OBS) is an initiative to support projects important to the inhabitants of Gdańsk Oliwa. From 2019, the residents of the district, educational institutions and public benefit organizations submit their ideas to develop Oliwa - the place where the Olivia Center is also based. OBS was established on the initiative of Olivia, but its fund also includes one of Gdańsk councilors, local culture animator Andrzej Stelmasiewicz. All previous editions of the neighborhood budget have made it possible to co-finance projects with a total value of nearly PLN 50. zlotys.


In this year's edition of the Oliwa Neighborhood Budget, very diverse projects were submitted, covering areas such as integration, physical activity and education. Their initiators were both local community workers and scientists, as well as the residents of the district united in groups.


The jury consisting of the councilors of the Oliwa district, teachers, creators of culture, local entrepreneurs and representatives of the Olivia Center voted in a vote to subsidize three projects: Sportowy Gaj, Neighboring at the Gate and Puppet making workshops. The first one involves the erection of generally available equipment for physical exercises on the premises of Primary School No. 35, providing equipment for training both for students of the school (during lessons) and for other residents of Oliwa during after-school hours. The second one assumes the organization of integration meetings in the autumn and winter period, providing attractions for the youngest residents of the district, seniors, as well as guests from Ukraine who settled in Oliwa. The third project that received funding is the workshop of creating puppets for the puppet theater, which will take place in the Oliwa Library, Primary School No. 35 and the 11st Social Primary School, at ul. Polanki 2022 in the period from September 2023 to May XNUMX.


  • Sports Grove is an infrastructure project submitted by Primary School No. 35 with Sports Branches in Gdańsk Oliwa.


  • Neighboring at the gate - project submitted by Aniela Zienkiewicz, councilor of the Oliwa district and Maja Grabkowska, social geographer, assistant professor at the Institute of Socio-Economic Geography and Spatial Management of the University of Gdańsk.


  • Puppet making workshop dedicated to the youngest inhabitants of Oliwa. It is an open art project addressed to early school age children, which will be carried out periodically in the Oliwa Library, schools and a temporary home for Ukrainian children and their mothers at ul. Wita Stwosza 23.


- This year's edition of the Oliwa Neighborhood Budget was full of very well thought-out and well-prepared projects - says Boguslaw Wieczorek, plenipotentiary of Olivia Center, member of the jury of the Oliwa Neighborhood Budget. - During the jury deliberations, we had to spend a lot of time discussing their importance for the local community, because, as every year, we wanted to finance projects that were diverse in nature, and at the same time important for the inhabitants of Oliwa. I believe that the selected projects, as in previous years, will also be noticed by the inhabitants this year and will significantly contribute to the fulfillment of their needs.



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