Sii with a lease agreement for 5 floors in Olivia Centre

Sii has had its offices in Olivia Centre since 2010. It is therefore one of the longest-standing companies here. Sii has currently signed a lease agreement for 5 floors in Olivia Prime – the newest building of our center. The contract amounts to a total area of 10 thousand euros. m.kw. At the same time, arrangement works have begun, which will raise Sii’s offices to an even higher level than before.


is the most dynamically developing provider of consulting, IT and engineering services in Poland. The company employs 8,000 people in 15 branches in the largest cities in the country, continuously obtaining the “Great Place to Work” status since 2015. This term is reflected not only in the company’s mission, but also in the amenities that Sii offers to employees. Innovative solutions open to their needs have been noticed by the jury of numerous competitions in which Sii’s office in Olivia Centre has won awards. Among them was the SuperStar distinction in a competition organized by CBRE, the status of the best office in the Tri-City awarded by the local media and a nomination for the international Property Design Awards.


Design Anatomy

studio was responsible for the award-winning project, which was also entrusted with the work on the new interior design.


– 5 years ago, when designing Sii’s office, we put a lot of emphasis on common spaces – says Justyna Biłat, architect from Design Anatomy. – There are zones for integration, casual meetings, relaxation and sport. Once again, the bar has been set very high, but after 5 years, we know that Sii’s investment in spaces where employees can work, meet, relax or have fun more freely was the right thing to do, and despite the passage of time and radically changing trends at work, it still has a positive impact on the users of the space and remains fully functional. After this time, we are richer with the experience of the users of the existing space and we also know how their needs have changed. This is a great opportunity and chance to raise the standard of the office to an even higher level in the area of caring for the well-being of employees and creating a space tailored to their requirements by designing new spaces. We continue to focus on spaces that are accessible to all. The aim of the project is to ensure the physical and mental comfort of employees. We will offer the latest ergonomic solutions, we want to take care of the climate in the office, not only in terms of visuals, but also air quality and acoustics. The goal of our joint activities is to be an office supporting the well-being of employees, which will maintain its friendliness for the next 5 years, and maybe even longer.


Among the areas identified by Design Anatomy and agreed with Sii, on which the architects will focus are acoustic comfort and greenery.


“In the modern world, we are constantly surrounded by noise,” emphasizes Justyna Biłat. At work, too, we have to deal with sounds coming from all directions. The office is not only what we see, but also what we hear. In the office, the needs of people with very different characteristics and different types of work are mixed. For many people, noise interferes with their ability to concentrate on work, while others cannot imagine effective activities without music. Excessive noise has a negative impact on well-being, often becomes the cause of chronic stress and reduces productivity. Thinking about improving Sii’s workspace, we want to create an acoustically pleasing environment that will provide high comfort to all people in the office. Therefore, in all the zones in which we are going to interfere, there will be as many elements as possible to improve sound absorption and disperse it. There is a wide range of solutions on the market, from acoustic panels made of wood wool, PET or felt, through acoustic lamps, curtains and furniture. All these elements will help us in our efforts to improve the comfort of office users.


Design Anatomy, by designing an employee-friendly, green space, can benefit from its extensive interior design experience, which has gained m.in. at
Olivia Garden
. It is also an award-winning project that has become the green heart of Olivia Centre.


Contact with nature has a beneficial effect on human well-being. This is where the well-known trend of biophilic design comes in. Designing spaces in this spirit helps to reduce stress, maintain emotional balance, supports regeneration, increases creativity and productivity, and even reduces absenteeism at work.


– Plants in the office increase the humidity level in the air. In the interiors of Sii’s office, we want to use species that purify the air, acting as natural filters that absorb harmful substances. We know which species purify the air from fungi and bacteria, and we focus our attention on them, thinking about a work environment that has a positive effect on humans. – adds Justyna Biłat.


“We are very optimistic about the future and the continuation of our cooperation with Olivia Centre. We are glad that we can be a part of a space that provides extremely comfortable and attractive working conditions for our employees and business partners – says Izabela Sobolew, Office Manager at Sii Poland. – An interesting and comfortable space, an excellent location of the office in the heart of the Tri-City, as well as the highest safety standards of the entire facility are just some of the advantages of Olivia, which give us confidence that our employees will come to work with satisfaction.


– Sii has been our business partner for 13 years and we are very pleased to receive such a great commitment of the company in the Tri-City – says Bogusław Wieczorek, Plenipotentiary of the Management Board of Olivia Centre. – Her unconventional approach to employees and the unique amenities that await them in the office make their presence in Olivia a great value for the community. Sii is a conscious and perceived resident. This year, their project EVAA – Ecological Vertical Agriculture Assistant – a concept that uses artificial intelligence to solve the problem of hunger in the world won the main prize in the Olivia Eco category as part of the Olivia Prize competition. It is an initiative in which representatives of residents select the most interesting projects with the greatest development potential from among the projects they implement. As part of the Sii project, plants develop without the use of soil, and all the substances they need to develop come from water and are dosed by an algorithm responsible for monitoring the proper development of the plant. The project has already been noticed around the world and shows how interesting and versatile Sii is.



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