Olivia with a maximum WELL score for an encore!

Olivia Centre has maintained the world’s first maximum score in the international WELL certification. For the second time, it has been recognized as a completely safe, friendly and responsible place to work, receiving confirmation from the International Well Building Institute (IWBI) in New York. A year after the first certification, it maintained a maximum score of 25 points out of a possible 25 in all categories analyzed. The safety of building users was checked, as well as solutions improving the quality of life in the business centre. It received this rating in 22 basic categories and in 3 additional categories related to the innovations implemented in its area.


A year ago, Olivia achieved such a high result as the first business centre in the world, which confirms that Gdańsk’s buildings are among the world’s top business leaders. Olivia has confirmed its class for the second time – says Marcin Gawroński , Director of the Green Building Department at SWECO, the company responsible for carrying out the recertification in Olivia. – Safety, employee well-being, and high indoor water and air quality are the hallmarks of WELL Health-Safety Rating facilities. Last year, Olivia Centre achieved the maximum score in all analysed categories and this year it repeated this achievement. This is a huge success and a confirmation of the safety conditions and responsible approach to the management of the Olivia building complex – adds Marcin Gawroński.


The WELL Health-Safety Rating is a data-driven, third-party verified assessment for buildings, focusing on the analysis of operating policies, use and maintenance standards, stakeholder engagement and contingency plans to ensure maximum safety and comfort for their occupants. The certification is based on insights from nearly 600 government officials, scientists, business leaders, virologists, architects, designers, construction scientists, and real estate professionals, as well as the WELL building standard – the world’s leading platform for the development of healthy buildings and spaces. Many famous people from around the world have been involved in the extensive campaign for safety certification and restoring trust in public spaces, including Jennifer Lopez, Lady GaGa, Venus Williams, Robert DeNiro, Michael Jordan and many more.


You can view a campaign video on this page.


Proving actions through external validation confirms the commitment and concern for people’s well-being in every aspect. The assessment shows that Olivia Centre prioritises health and wellbeing, instilling confidence in frequent visitors and the wider community around it – wrote in a congratulatory letter Rachel Gordon, CEO of the International Well Building Institute in New York.


In addition to the well-being of building occupants, WELL certification includes a precise assessment of extensive infrastructure that improves safety and quality of life and work. A number of solutions have been noticed in Olivia Centre, which position it as a leader in the implementation of technologies that protect the health and life of employees in an imperceptible way. Olivia was one of the first office centers in the world to implement ion air purification technology in its buildings, previously used in the world’s most prestigious facilities, including the White House, the Presidential Palace in Abu Dhabi, as well as in Gulfstream’s private jets. The installed devices saturate all rental areas with ions that have the ability to destroy viruses, bacteria and other pathogens in the ventilated air. The air purification process takes place continuously while people are in the room, so the fight against the pathogen begins from the moment it appears in the room.


In addition, the air filtration level has been increased from G4 to F7 in air handling units, which is one of the highest filtration levels currently available. Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and particulate matter (PM) sensors were installed. Thanks to this, it is possible to monitor air purity and, as a result, eliminate harmful compounds from the fresh air drawn in from the outside and forced inside the buildings. Systems for controlling the intensity of air exchange based on the knowledge of current CO2 measurement results have also been installed, which contributes to a significant increase in the comfort of staying in the workplace.


The certification also includes initiatives implemented in the field of employee well-being. Projects organized on Olivia’s patio, sports sections, exhibitions of paintings, photographs and sculptures, as well as a publicly accessible, year-round exotic garden, in which there are nearly 4 thousand plants reaching up to 11 meters in height, were noticed. All these events and amenities can be used by Olivia’s residents and guests in a safe way, thanks to the solutions used. The sum of the solutions adopted resulted in such a high rating of the IWBI.


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