Olivia recommends bikes!

Olivia constantly recommends cycling, not only on Car Free Day, which we celebrate on September 22nd! Just get on your bike and ride to Olivia on your bike! Ride around Gdansk, Gdynia and Sopot, and even all over Europe! For health, fitness, beauty, beautiful views and well-being. Here’s a hint…


Spin kilometers for Gdansk

As every year, Olivia joined the campaign Bike to work. Spin Kilometers for Gdańsk and we invite our Residents to do the same! This year we are riding longer, as much as 3 months! So far, 5144 Gdańsk residents have joined the project, and together they have already made 176513 bicycle rides, travelled 1416462 km and contributed to reducing CO2 emissions into the atmosphere by 351111 kg!


To join, all you need to do is:

  • download a free mobile phone application “Activy”,
  • register directly through the application by filling out a simple form,
  • choose the competition: “Spin Kilometers for Gdańsk”,
  • choose a team: company, group, districts, university,
  • Record your rides by cycling until October 30.

In October, the weather and temperature are changeable, which is why theSpin Kilometers for Gdańsk is set up in Gdansk, where cyclists can have a hot coffee or tea! Information about the locations of the promotional point is published on an ongoing basis on Facebook on the Spin Kilometers for Gdańsk group. We recommend!


Do you know EuroVelo?


EuroVelo is a network of 17 bicycle routes that allow you to travel around our entire continent. Their total length is over 90,000 km! In the Pomeranian Voivodeship, you will drive EV routes over a distance of about 700 km, because as many as 3 of them lead through our region.


The course of the EuroVelo trails

  • EV 1 – Atlantic Coast Route: North Cape – Sagres (8,186 km)
  • EV 2 – Route of Capitals: Galway – Moscow (5,500 km)
  • EV 3 – Pilgrims’ Route: Trondheim – Santiago de Compostela (5,122 km)
  • EV 4 – Roscoff – Kiev (4,000 km)
  • EV 5 – Via Roma Francigena: London – Rome and Brindisi (3,900 km)
  • EV 6 – River Route: Atlantic Ocean to Black Sea: Nantes – Constanța (3,653 km)
  • EV 7 – Central European Route: North Cape – Malta (6,000 km)
  • EV 8 – Mediterranean route: Cádiz – Athens (5,388 km)
  • EV 9 – Amber Route – Baltic Sea to Adriatic Sea: Gdansk – Pula (1,930 km)
  • EV 10 – Circular Hanseatic Route: 7,930 km
  • EV 11 – East European Route: North Cape – Athens (5,964 km)
  • EV 12 – North Sea Route: 5,932 km
  • EV 13 – Iron Curtain Trail: Barents Sea – Black Sea ( 6,800 km)
  • EV 15 – Route along the Rhine: Andermatt – Hoek van Holland (1,320 km)


Learn more
about EuroVelo

Get to know the Pomeranian routes of EuroVelo better


To Olivia by bike

There are as many as 861 kilometers of bicycle routes in Gdansk. So it’s easy to get to Olivia on your own bike. And you have a lot of cycling facilities with us. Dozens of bicycle racks are located inside the garage halls of our office buildings and outside Olivia – these can be seen on the attached map.



In addition, we have two bicycle repair stations in Olivia:

  • at the Olivia Six building;
  • at Olivia Point.


Bicycle lockers in the My Olivia app


To make life and work better for those who come to work on a bike, it is possible to rent bicycle lockers in the My Olivia application. It takes a few moments. And you can rent such a cabinet with access to the shower even for the whole year. It’s very easy! How to do it?


  • Download My Olivia from the App Store or Google Play (if you don’t already have it)
  • Click on the BIKE icon in the app
  • Go through everything STEP BY STEP (takes a minute or two).


What are your options?

  • cabinet in the garage hall;
  • cupboard in the garage hall (with shower);
  • locker in the bicycle locker room (with shower).


How long can you rent a bike locker for?

  • 90 days
  • 180 days
  • 360 days


How much does it cost?

  • locker in the garage hall – PLN 30 for 90 days,
  • locker in the garage hall, with access to a shower – PLN 60 for 90 days,
  • locker in the bicycle locker room (with access to a shower) – 90 PLN for 90 days.


How to do it? Step by step.

  1. You choose the building where you WANT to have a locker.
  2. You choose a service (e.g. a locker in a garage hall).
  3. You indicate how long you want to rent it for (90, 180, 360 days) and click “next”.
  4. You check if the order is correct.
  5. If you want to receive an invoice, tick the “Invoice” checkbox.
  6. You pay for everything and rent a locker.

You will receive a confirmation of your purchase with the e-mail address you provided when registering in the My Olivia application.

We have two working days to complete all the formalities and contact you to issue you with the locker key. That’s it:)

Extras from us and Islets in the app


Two of our Extras will be of particular interest to cyclists. Our befriended
Bicycle Shop Wywyspka
has something special for you!

  • 15% discount on accessories, clothing and helmets.
  • 7% off on all non-discounted bikes.

To take advantage of the promotion, simply show the My Olivia app in the salon when you make a purchase.


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