It’s June 3rd! Children’s Day for young and old!

You’re Olivia’s Resident, so have fun! After all, a close-knit community is when we spend time together:) We invite you on June 3rd for Children’s Day (for children and adults). It’s going to be a lot of fun! We reveal some of the attractions in Olivia! Write down the date in your calendars and gather your strength:), because there is fun ahead of you from morning to evening, first in Olivia Park, and then during Viva Oliva in our beautiful district.


June 3, 2023 | Olivia Park | Hours. 10.00 – 14.00



There are numerous games, competitions, sports activities and many other surprises waiting for the little ones. We have also prepared extremely interesting educational workshops, during which we will make fragrant, floral eco-cosmetics, get to know the animals of the Baltic Sea, taste wild cuisine and process unnecessary things into useful ones on our own! We invite you to chill with lemonade and the sounds of music, outdoor activities and competition! After all, each of us has something of a child in us.


Here’s what’s going to happen in our zones.



  • Basket shots
  • Shots on Goal
  • Roller hockey
  • Zumba
  • tic-tac-toe
  • Rubik’s Cube
  • boules
  • badminton
  • and the power of other sports competitions

we operate together with Nike, Energa, Santander, Primary School No. 35



  • Field game
  • workshop “Something out of nothing: do it yourself – recycling for children”
  • art workshop
  • Wild Kitchen – edible herbs (wow!) and natural treats
  • upcycling/ zero-waste
  • you will also meet unusual guests: Wojtek the Lemur, Zofia the Parrot and Helmut the Turtle

we work together with FRUG (Foundation for the Development of the University of Gdańsk), Papugarnia, RC Foundation

Our entire educational zone was possible thanks to a grant obtained from the Provincial Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management in Gdańsk!



  • SOMETHING SWEET workshop
  • upcycling/zero-waste
  • Face painting
  • Big Bubbles
  • Crazy Hairstyles

partners of the zone are: White Kitten, Primary School No. 35 and New Alternative Club Design hairdressing salon



  • pizza
  • Burgers
  • Retro cotton candy
  • ice cream
  • lemonade
  • grilled sausages
  • Excellent coffee


zone partners: Starbucks, Primary School No. 35, Pizza Rastelli



Participation in the event does not require prior reservation of seats.



See you on June 3rd in Olivia Park!

Here you will find all the attractions
that await you during the Viva Oliva district!




Olivia Park is located behind the Olivia Hall (there is also our volleyball court). The main entrance to Olivia Park is from the Olivia Centre. Below is a map of the event:) You will be directed to Olivia Park by a-boards. You won’t miss them.

If you come by car, take advantage of Olivia’s free parking lots, preferably B, C, E. A map and other useful information can be found here.



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