Bayer has extended its contract at Olivia Centre for another 5 years!

Bayer Global Business Services Gdańsk
occupies 4 floors of the Olivia Tower building and is one of the longest-residing companies in Olivia. Current lease agreement of 4200 sq. m. has been extended for a further 5 years. As a result, rearrangement works have also begun, for which the architectural office,
Design Anatomy
, is responsible.


Olivia’s award-winning architectural studio announces that the renovated space of Bayer will meet the latest standards of office design, and there will be several pleasant surprises waiting for employees in the interiors.


“Following new trends in the office industry, Bayer GBS is rearranging its office in order to create a friendly and multifunctional space for its employees ,” says Barbara Wasilewska from Design Anatomy. – The hybrid work model allows for the reduction of standard workstations in favor of zones for informal meetings and relaxation. The offices will be dedicated to functions such as: game room, chillout, relax, mothers room. The new office will feature a variety of workplaces, both in the form of hot desks and separate rooms with treadmills and exercise bikes specially adapted for work. The décor of the office will also be changed. Following the idea of zero waste, we will use as many existing elements as possible. The space will be complemented by telephone booths, soft furniture of various forms and functions, and greenery.


“Our presence in Olivia Centre is based not only on favourable office conditions ,” says Remigiusz Wojciechowski, Head of Bayer Global Business Services Gdańsk. – We feel a part of Olivia’s community, we take part in numerous social projects, and together we develop the initiatives initiated at Bayer GBS Gdańsk by inviting employees of other companies to cooperate. Olivia Centre is a unique space that is appreciated by both our employees and guests, not only because of its convenient location. Also, the extensive possibilities offered by Olivia Garden, the observation deck and numerous services make Olivia meet our expectations. We have been in Olivia Centre for 11 years now and we will be happy to stay for many years to come.

“Bayer GBS is an exceptionally strong resident of Olivia Employees often take part in joint projects, including being represented in the Olivia Choir. Not everyone knows, but the Choir itself also has its roots in Bayer. – says Bogusław Wieczorek from Olivia Centre. – This year, the Bayer GBS team in Gdańsk won the statuette in the Olivia Prize competition in the category Olivia Pro Bono for the Border Angels project, UA support hotline. It was a well-deserved award, which was awarded by a jury consisting of managers of Olivia’s resident companies. Within just a few days of the outbreak of the war, Bayer employees around the world organized themselves from the bottom up, creating a list of so-called “Bayer Workers”. shelters, i.e. flats or rooms (often in their private homes), which they were ready to make available to their colleagues from Ukraine. The result of the work of the entire group was the provision of care and support for over 550 people, 200 beds, which were used by a total of 430 people. 130 employees of the Gdańsk branch of Bayer were involved in the project. We are proud that Bayer GBS is one of the companies with offices in Olivia.

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