Photo session for everyone! Zrób sobie zdjęcia w Olivii Garden

Date: 27.08.2022
Time: 11:00
Building: Star
Olivia Garden
320 zł - for residents
399 zł - for non-residents

Take part in a professional photo session with a photographer and make-up artist. Meet O4 Coworking on August 27 in the beautiful, tropical space of Olivia Garden. Take business, image and lifestyle photos. What’s more – at an exceptional price, without booking the whole day.


August 27 @ 11:00 – 19:00


Bet on yourself and find time for a photo session!
It’s only half an hour!


You will definitely find time. IT’S SATURDAY! And you don’t need hour-long shoots and booking a whole day to have good photos. During a half-hour photo session, you can get the same effect.


You can use creative, diverse shots in many ways:


  • to your business e-mail
  • on social media profiles
  • in posts on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram
  • on the blog and website
  • as a photo for your CV
  • whenever someone asks you to send a photo


Your photos will be taken by Sylwester Ciszek


Sylwester Ciszek has been involved in photography for over 17 years. His passion turned into his profession, and this year marks exactly 10 years of his professional work. On a daily basis, she deals with business and content photography, which helps entrepreneurs better promote and sell their products and themselves. She loves working with people. He loves chaos, but at work he likes to have a plan, so before starting work on the set, he creates concepts for photo shoots. The photographs he takes can be seen on Tri-City billboards. His work appears in online media and print magazines such as Forbes and Newsweek. “I think the best camera is the one I have with me right now.”


A common concept of the session


After signing up, you will receive a mini-guide on how to prepare for the session. On the spot, our photographer will offer you specific shots, background and tell you what to do, how to position yourself so that the photos reflect what you need as much as possible.


Do you have an idea? That’s great! Want to take a prop to pose with? Boldly! It’s your time! We create the session together, and you can count on our tips. We are here to help you achieve the desired effect.


If you have a dilemma about what to wear, take a few outfits with you – we will tell you what will be the most beneficial. You can also take something to change into, but remember! We don’t have much time, and we want to make the most of it!


Creative background for your photos!


Why a session at Olivia Garden? The session will take place in a beautiful, tropical garden in Olivia Centre. It is a unique place with a beautifully designed and bright space – perfect for photos! What’s more, original! Which will make your photos different from others and allow you to stand out.


What’s included in the package?

  • organization and space for sessions
  • mini-guide “How to prepare for a business session?”
  • professional half-hour photo session arranged for a specific time
  • Natural processing and retouching
  • 7 photos in jpg format and access to the online gallery within 7 days of the session
  • make-up artist service on site (additionally payable – PLN 50 per person)
  • VAT invoice (when placing an order, select the option: I want an invoice!)


On August 27, at 11.00-19.00


Olivia Garden in the Olivia Star building





  • Make-up is extra payable on site
  • The cost is PLN 50
  • Cash payment
  • Remember that you have to arrive half an hour earlier for make-up
  • Book your makeup by email:
  • IMPORTANT! Photos “eat” 50% of makeup, so it’s important that it’s done professionally!


20% discount for:
members of the Flow Club, O4ianki, people working in Olivia

Are you eligible for a discount? Ask for your code:





Max. Number of participants
O4 Flow
O4 Coworking
Karolina Rymarczyk
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Car wash
Scooter stands
Parking lots
Parking cash registers
Olivia Garden
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