Olivia invites you: get a ticket for Radio 357’s TOP for Olivia Star TOP!

Date: 01.01.2023
Time: 09:00
Building: Star
32nd floor
Free - for residents
for residents only

This has never been done before! TOP of all time, or Radio 357’s TOP on Olivia Star’s TOP! We have tickets for Residents! The first 35 people who sign up for this event will participate in an amazing event in the New Year, January 1, 2023 !



What awaits us?

  • Live broadcast from the 32nd floor of Olivia Star, from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
  • Four hosts: Katarzyna Borowiecka, Marcin Łukawski, Marek Niedźwiecki and Piotr Stelmach
  • The greatest hits for which voted by the Radio 357 Community! You can too, if you read to the end;)
  • Concert of the star, Ray Wilson!
  • And we, the Olivia Community, taking part in it. After all, it couldn’t be otherwise, the community obliges:) Together we can do more!


Top Radio 357: timetable

Hourly details of the top on top coming soon!


Your superticket from Olivia

This one and only superticket entitles you to enter the TOP of Radio 357 on Star TOP on the 32nd floor!

  • You will meet the best radio journalists in Poland there.
  • You will see and feel how the longest New Year’s radio show is created:)
  • You will end the exciting day with a concert by Ray Wilson! He is a Scottish singer, guitarist, composer, songwriter, member of the bands Guaranteed Pure, Stiltskin, Cut, and in the years 1996-1998 the vocalist of the legendary band Genesis. He was recognized by “Classic Rock Magazine” as one of the best vocalists in the history of British rock.



And what’s interesting, in a moment at Olivia’s reception desks we will be handing out… SUPERCODES, which will allow you to vote for the TOP of Radio 357 (you have as many as 57 votes!), will give you access to Radio 357 content, podcasts and broadcasts for 3 months! But more on that in a moment in the My Olivia app, on screens and on this website.



The 32nd floor of Olivia Star and Radio 357 are waiting for you!





Max. Number of participants
Radio 357
Radio 357
Bicycle racks
Car wash
Scooter stands
Parking lots
Parking cash registers
Olivia Garden
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