thyssenkrupp is looking for new employees

thyssenkrupp aims to hire 80 IT professionals by the end of the year. The new office space on the tenth floor of the Olivia Six office building will be intended for specialists and managers of the newly created team.
thyssenkrupp is a global leader in advanced industrial technologies, supplying components to m.in automotive, aerospace and marine industries. In addition, it manufactures cranes and elevators as well as industrial equipment for special purposes. In total, the company employs more than 160,000 people around the world. The Gdansk centre provides services to more than 1,500 thyssenkrupp companies around the world.
Currently, the company employs over 100 people in Gdańsk, who work mainly in the following departments: IT, Finance and Accounting, HR and Property Management. The development of the service department in the Gdańsk centre is continued. The new offices will be occupied by system and application administrators, SAP software specialists, IT infrastructure engineers, IT process support specialists and project teams. thyssenkrupp is looking for qualified professionals in the above-mentioned areas, as well as people who want to improve their skills and gain new, attractive qualifications. The prerequisite is a good command of English. An additional advantage is the knowledge of the German language, in addition, the company offers specialized language courses for employees. The company also supports the development of employees by offering them training and obtaining certificates, practical learning by working with experienced specialists from Germany, the USA and other countries. Future employees can also expect training in the technologies, processes and IT solutions used.
Over the next few years, thyssenkrupp plans to employ 700 people in Gdansk.
Gdansk is becoming a very important IT service centre for the thyssenkrupp group. Similar centres are also being built in other locations around the world, but this location will be the leading one in terms of the number of employees. The wide variety of the activities of the group companies gives the opportunity to gain interesting experience and work with various technologies. We focus on the development of our employees and encourage them to co-create a friendly atmosphere in the office – says Robert Góra, President of the Management Board of ThyssenKrupp Group Services Gdańsk Sp. Ltd.
The newly formed team in Gdańsk is full of energy to work and be active, also outside working hours, such as participation in sports events, caring for the environment, or industry conferences ,” adds Rafał Grabowski, Head of the IT team at ThyssenKrupp Group Services Gdańsk.
One of the most important development plans of the center is to expand the current team of SAP system specialists and consultants in all areas from 20 to 100 people in the next 1.5 years. Therefore, we are looking for both people with extensive experience who want to develop their career in SAP consulting, leaders ready to take responsibility for creating their own teams, as well as people without much experience, but with enthusiasm for learning – sums up Łukasz Narojczyk , head of the application support and development department.
From the very beginning, the investment has been supported by the Invest in Pomerania initiative, in particular by the Pomerania Development Agency and the Gdańsk Economic Development Agency (INVESTGDA).
I would like to congratulate thyssenkrupp on such dynamic growth and new ideas. The company’s plans to employ specialists from the broad IT industry are also encouraging, which proves that the Tri-City market is prepared for the expectations of companies such as thyssenkrupp. I assure you that as the President of INVESTGDA and a partner of Invest in Pomerania, I will make every effort to ensure that ThyssenKrupp has favourable conditions for the further development of its investment in Gdańsk – said Alan Aleksandrowicz, President of the Management Board of INVESTGDA.
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