The star will shine among Polish skyscrapers. Olivia Star – complementing the business district in Gdańsk Oliwa and the next stage of Olivia Business Centre

Olivia Star is becoming a new business symbol of the Tri-City and a natural complement to Olivia Business Centre, one of the most interesting mixed-use investments in Poland.

From the top floor of Olivia Star, over 150 meters above the ground, you will be able to admire the most interesting panorama in Poland: the Bay of Gdansk, Gdansk, the cliffs of Gdynia, the ports of Gdynia and Gdansk, the pier in Sopot and the Hel Peninsula, as well as the entire tree-lined Tri-City Landscape Park. For this reason, a public observation deck and a conference center will be built on the top floors of the building. They will be accessed by two separate elevators, which will not stop on the office floors.

The building will be connected with a glazed winter garden, which will be built on an internal patio with greenery and fountains. The winter garden was designed as a lively place full of educational and artistic events. This year-round, beautiful space with a great atmosphere will be made available to the local community.

We want Olivia Star to become a new symbol and pride of Gdańsk, the Tri-City and the entire Pomerania. Olivia Business Centre is the business and conference heart of the entire metropolis. The excellent location in Oliwa, which is the geographical centre of our agglomeration, combines the potential of Gdańsk and Gdynia. The shape of the building will refer to the architecture of the neighbouring building – the Olivia Hall. It was here that the first congress of Solidarity took place. Here the word “Community” was conjugated, in many languages in the message to the peoples of Europe. It was here that the first Festival of True Song in Eastern Europe was held. By referring to the architecture of the Olivia Hall, we want to say that although we are younger and stronger – after all, Olivia Star is a high-rise building – we continue the work of our Fathers and Grandfathers. We are like an intergenerational relay race that our fathers started, and soon we will pass the baton to the next generations – said Maciej Grabski, President of Olivia Business Centre, during his speech opening the ceremony of laying the cornerstone.

Pillar-Olivia-StarThe event was a symbolic thank you to the Kashubians – people who have been building the Tri-City for hundreds of years: from the port in Gdynia, through tenement houses in Gdańsk to churches in Oliwa. Olivia Star is also the result of m.in. their hard work. This has been immortalized in the foundations of the new Olivia Business Centre building, the pillars of which are decorated with Kashubian patterns.

“At the turn of the 20th and 21st centuries, the office market in the Tri-City was practically non-existent. Currently, it is estimated at over 600,000. m² of space, which puts us at the forefront of Polish among regional markets. Undoubtedly, this has an impact on the growing investment attractiveness of the region, and thus the creation of new companies and the creation of jobs. I am glad that Olivia Business Centre is among them, and now the tallest building in the region – Olivia Star, which is currently under construction, proudly emphasizing the potential of this place. Because it is not only a workplace for thousands of people or high-quality office space, but also a place for non-professional social, cultural or educational meetings, as well as a space filled with the idea of supporting start-up companies – said Mieczysław Struk, Marshal of the Pomeranian Voivodeship.

– Maciej Grabski, President Olivia Business Centre, He is a man of great imagination and great determination. He is also a man who is passionate about Gdańsk. He knows very well that Gdańsk is a great place to live and a great place to do business. The fruit of his passion are office buildings, which appeared in the vicinity of the University of Gdańsk a few years ago. Empty spaces have turned into a place teeming with life. At the moment, about five thousand people are already working there. Thanks to such investments, Gdańsk is becoming an increasingly attractive labour market and young, well-educated people locate their future and their careers in our city. said Paweł Adamowicz, Mayor of the City of Gdansk.

Olivia Star will be the tallest building in northern Poland. The top point of the façade of this unique skyscraper will be at a height of 156 meters, and including the spires, the building will reach 180 meters. The Olivia Star building will be erected between the Olivia Four and Olivia Six office buildings, thus closing the ring around the internal public patio with greenery and fountains. Olivia Star will expand office space for rent in Olivia Business Centre from 73 thousand sqm. sq.m. to almost 120 thousand. sq.m. A 3-storey underground car park will be built under the skyscraper. The first tenants are scheduled to move in in the spring of 2017.

Olivia Star - night visualization

“Olivia Star will be the most modern high-rise building in Poland. It will be one of 3 buildings in Poland with a triple-glazed all-glass façade (the first one was Olivia Six), and what is even more important, there will be specially designed natural ventilation systems on all office floors, which will make the comfort of work in Olivia Star incomparably greater than in all currently built skyscrapers. This will be possible thanks to an innovative façade that we have designed and tested ourselves in Germany. Similar buildings are being built in Warsaw, but none of them has such a solution. Tilting parts of the façade will allow you to ventilate each room individually with fresh air. The building has also been tested in terms of acoustics and, of course, it will be certified in the ecological BREEAM system at the Excellent level. Olivia Star is already commercialized in approx. 30% – said Maciej Kotarski, Leasing Director at Olivia Business Centre.

The Olivia Star skyscraper will further increase the attractiveness and offer of the young business district at al. Grunwaldzka in Gdansk. The business “city”, which has been created in this place for several years, is unparalleled in other cities in Poland. Next to each other, there is an extremely modern Oliwa Campus of the University of Gdańsk, multifunctional office buildings and incubators for innovative ventures. The high-rise building will therefore be a dominant and natural complement to this part of the city.

“The close proximity of the modern campuses of the University of Gdańsk and Olivia Business Centre has created an opportunity to establish long-term cooperation. Its fruits include, m.in newly established fields of study and specializations, modifications of educational programs, cycles of apprenticeships and internships for students, as well as guest lectures by representatives of Polish and foreign companies at several faculties of the university. I believe that the good and still developing cooperation of the University of Gdańsk, educating almost 30,000 students, with thriving business centres and the entire economic sphere of Pomerania, is one of the important factors causing our voivodeship to enjoy a positive balance of internal migration. It is here that young people find favourable conditions for their start in adult life. They can count on a good education and an attractive, challenging job. This is where they want to live and live – said Prof. Bernard Lammek, PhD, DSc, Rector of the University of Gdańsk.

This location is most appropriate in the context of the development process of the so-called Central Service Belt and, at the same time, the concept of the development of the “city inward”. Such a location is also fully supported by the currently applicable local laws and urban planning studies – assessed the project in terms of urban planning, Prof. Ph.D. Eng. architect Piotr Lorens, Head of the Department of Urban Planning and Regional Planning at the Faculty of Architecture of the Gdańsk University of Technology and President of the Society of Polish Town Planners.

From the very beginning, one of the main assumptions of Olivia Business Centre was multifunctionality. The Olivia Business Centre team takes care of the work-life balance of all people working in the centre: business, educational, cultural and sports events are regularly held here. In April 2016, a modern, two-storey, round-the-clock fitness club CityFit was opened. All visitors to the centre are already m.in at their disposal. 3 conference centres, a medical centre with a pharmacy, 3 restaurants, 2 cafés, a kindergarten and a nursery, 4 banks, a modern gymnasium, a beauty salon, a notary public and an electric car charging point. There are almost 2000 parking spaces, over 200 bicycle racks and 5 changing rooms with showers at Olivia Business Centre.

There are over 100 companies in Olivia Business Centre in Gdańsk, including Allianz, Alior Bank, Amazon, Bayer, Energa, Epam, Generali, Medicover, Noble Bank, PKO Bank Polish, PwC, Sii, T-Mobile whether thyssenkrupp, And Pomerania Development Agency. Olivia Business Centre has also prepared an offer for small and medium-sized enterprises, non-governmental organisations and start-ups. The Centre has been systematically expanding since 2010. at the rate of one building per year.


  • Overall height: 180 m
  • Highest elevation point: 156 m
  • Altitude of the highest point above sea level: 200 m above sea level
  • Number of above-ground storeys: 35
  • Number of underground storeys: 3
  • Available space: 43 700 sq m
  • Natural Ventilation: YES
  • Organic Certification System: BREEAM Excellent
  • Architect’s office: BJK Architects (Gdynia)
  • General contractor: Pekabex
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