Nordea Tech Day

We cordially invite you to Nordea Tech Day, which will take place on 12.04 (Wednesday), at 5.00 p.m., in the O4 coworking space.

During the meeting:

  • Introduction to Apache Spark – a cluster for distributed computing
  • Introduction to Apache Spark. Basic concepts and architecture. Overview of selected Spark Streaming and Spark SQL components
  • Designing for Resilience
  • Reliability patterns in distributed systems. How to design system architecture with failures and changing context in mind




Paweł Pieniążek is a Java programmer who tries to approach everything with calmness inversely proportional to the time remaining to release.





Michał Kalkowski – Java programmer. He is passionate about good programming practices, reliability and IT architecture. From the very beginning, he has been associated with the financial sector, which he is also interested in in his free time.




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