GOal EKONOMIK – summary of the project for young people

24 May 2016 At 9:30 a.m. in Olivia Tower, in the Olivia Business Centre complex, a gala summarizing the GOal EKONOMIK project will be held. The project was organized by Tri-City companies representing various business branches: GBS Partners, HK Finance, InvestGda, Olivia Business Centre and Wipro.

“It is not often that companies cooperate so intensively with our school. HK Finance believed in the students of the Schools of Economics and Commerce in Gdansk. I will remember the words of Mrs. Anna Łabęcka-Milewska, who, after six months of cooperation with the graduates of our school, said: “You educate economic technicians who have excellent professional knowledge. If the young people of SE-H also learn German and improve their skills in Excel, they will find a job without any problems.” We believed and we don’t regret it – says Donata Kucal, the school’s principal.

IMG_3355-CROPThe GOal EKONOMIK program is addressed to students of the School of Economics and Economics Educational Society in Gdańsk and aims to prepare young people to take up professional work and enable them to acquire qualifications attractive to a potential employer.

“I think that the knowledge gained during the interesting classes of the GOal EKONOMIK project will make it easier for me to find a good job in the future. Currently, I use the acquired skills in practical classes at HK Finance – says Patrycja Dunajska, a student of SE-H.

Skills such as advanced use of Microsoft Excel, the basics of speaking and writing in German, and exercises in professional CV creation and interview preparation are just some of the information that program participants can learn.

I learned a lot in German and Excel classes. The knowledge I have gained will definitely be useful to me in the future – says Monika Myśliwiec, a student of SE-H.

Students can benefit from the knowledge and experience of professional teachers and lecturers. The GOal EKONOMIK Gala will be an opportunity to summarize the achieved goals of the project and to jointly plan its next editions.

“We are glad that we were able to support the education of young people who consciously want to prepare for entering the labour market and gain the necessary competences by participating in additional classes conducted by practitioners. Especially those who want to learn German, because it is the second most popular language after English, which foreign investors are looking for in our region – says Alan Aleksandrowicz, CEO of InvestGda.

“The Goal EKONOMIK project gives young people the opportunity to get to know employers, their expectations, and to change their ideas about the labour market into real knowledge based on their own observations. This is a valuable capital that can be decisive in getting that dream job in the future. Wipro is planning a very dynamic development in the coming years. We want to attract young, committed employees who already know what they want to do at the first stage of their professional career developmentAleksandra Peszek, HR Manager at Wipro.

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