Safety Day II in Olivia! Pokazy, szkolenia, wykłady!

Safety Day in Olivia is a day full of inspiring meetings, interesting lectures, knowledge from the most reliable sources. On the patio of Olivia Centre, you will feel like a real hero of uniformed services, taking care of our health and safety on a daily basis: a firefighter, a policeman, a paramedic. You will check, with the use of special simulators, what a road accident, hitting a wall with a car, or a rollover looks like “from the inside”! We hope this will make you drive a lot more carefully.


19 June | 11:00 – 14:00 | Olivia’s patio!



The program includes:

  • crash simulator,
  • rollover simulator,
  • police dog training show,
  • demonstration of police action of a forensic technician at the scene of an incident/crime,
  • demonstrations of police equipment, including a motorcycle of the Road Traffic Department policemen, a marked police car,
  • demonstration of the equipment of the State Fire Service, e.g. a combat vehicle,
  • dynamic oil extinguishing show,
  • lectures on safety on vacation and more
  • demonstration of equipment for first aid,
  • You will be able to train in basic first aid activities (and this can save someone’s life!)
  • challenge zone, and in it m.in. rowing ergometer.


We invite you, because there will also be:

  • burgers – ZEBRA Burger
  • ice cream – Icecream
  • and live music!



See you!




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