Do you like to play billiards? Apply by March 31 for the League of Companies under the aegis of Omida!


Omida, which has recently opened the Omida Billiards Corner in Olivia Star, invites you to participate in the Billiard League of Companies!
If you like to play billiards, apply by e-mail by March 31st!

How to do it?

Everyone interested in participating in the tournament should register their willingness to participate in the tournament by e-mail by March 31 to the following address : bilardowaligafirm@o2.pl

  • Subject: Registration for the Business League
  • message content: name, surname, company (e.g. John Smith, Omida)

What do you need to know?

You need to know THIS link. It will take you to the tournament you created. It should be known by everyone who wants to sign up, is enrolled, or is just curious about the results. Until the end of March, the list of registered participants will be updated, so you can check in real time whether you are registered or not, and after signing up, you can watch how the tournament is going. You don’t have to play in a tournament to have access to this site, anyone can follow it:)


Start of the tournament

The tournament starts on April 1st.



  1. On April 1st, all curious and all subscribers click THIS IMPORTANT link and check the league bracket (which will appear in a moment, as the number of players signed up increases). There we check who plays with whom in the 1st round. Until the end of the week, i.e. until April 7 , the players make an appointment with each other on a selected day of the week at a specific time to play a match (up to 3 games won); We play 8-ball.
  2. Then the players check who they are playing against in the 2nd round and then they have another week to meet and play a match.
  3. After the duel is over, you should boast about the result on the messenger or WhatsApp group previously launched by the Tournament Organizer, Omida .
  4. The games are played every day of the week. When two players agree to play, that’s when they play. It’s important that everyone manages to play each round in one week.
  5. There are 3 points for a win, 0 points for a loss.
  6. There are no draws.
  7. The match is played to 3 games won.
  8. We play a variation of 8-balls: you are not allowed to move the white ball away from the board by the width of the club, you are not allowed to touch the balls at all, then there is a foul.
  9. After pocketing all of your balls, e.g. whole balls, the black ball with No. 8 can be declared to each pocket without exception.
  10. After 5 weeks, the winners of their groups will emerge, then the winners play each other in the final for the 1st place in the billiard league of companies.
  11. The games last up to 6 weeks, not longer.

Fig. Omida. Omida Billiards Corner, first floor, Olivia Star







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