Charity for children from Ukraine

Conferences, lectures, yoga and concerts have already taken place in Olivia Garden, but there has never been a magic show! On Thursday afternoon we were visited by Bill Herz, one of the most renowned illusionists in the world. Over the many years of his career, Bill has earned the title of “King of Corporate Magic.” No wonder – it has performed for almost all Fortune 500 companies.


Now she performs for charity for the youngest audience. Especially the one whose carefree moments were taken away by the war. For the past few weeks, Bill has been traveling around Poland, visiting cities where a particularly large number of Ukrainian families have found shelter. He is accompanied by writer R. Cooper, editor of The Atlantic, who describes the places he has visited in order to publish the final report in the next issue. Bill’s performance was co-created by his lovely wife, son, and assistant. They were in constant contact with the audience, and each of their lines was translated into Ukrainian by the translator Anya.


Over 120 people took part in both screenings. There were toddlers taking their first steps, preschool toddlers and adult schoolchildren. More than one face opened in surprise.


Our guests and artists were impressed by the garden, the viewing floor and the atmosphere. We, on the other hand, are impressed by Bill’s incredible energy, humor and magic.


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