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For those who love to sing.
Olivia's Choir has been operating since 2018 under the direction of Wiktoria Pagieła. It connects employees of Bayer, AirHelp, Sii, PwC, O4 Coworking, and Thyssenkrupp... Those who have a game in their souls...

We invite you to the "Good Concert"!

The premiere concert, promoting the debut album of the Olivia Choir "Good Tony" will take place on December 6 at 18:30 on the 34th floor of Olivia Star!

About a good concert...

We are waiting impatiently, because in a moment the debut album of the Olivia Centre Choir "Good Tony" will see the light of day. Of course, there is a premiere concert ahead of us – and above all before the Choristers! It will be a unique concert, because it will be a charity concert. We believe that it is worth doing good and we are convinced that #RazemMozemyWiecej, so all proceeds from the concert will be donated to the construction of the Respite Care Centre, which is being built in Gdańsk on the initiative of the Hospice Foundation. We invite you to the "Good Concert" on December 6th on the 34th floor of Olivia Star.


The repertoire of the Olivia Choir includes popular music hits and musical hits. There are also beautiful carols and pastorals from different parts of the world.

We are already planning castings during which you will be able to test your vocal skills and open the door to the world of music. We invite you now!

Concert "Heart with Ukraine"
Concert "Heart with Ukraine"

About Olivia's Choir

It's a group of amazing, energetic and passionate people who love singing. Olivia Centre's musical adventure with choral music began in 2018, when a casting for a conductor was announced at Bayer, which has its headquarters here. It was won by Wiktoria Pagieła, who has been supporting the development of the choir members ever since. The choir spread its wings as a joint initiative of Bayer and Olivia Centre. It has also expanded to our entire business center.

The team consists of several dozen people and brings together representatives of over a dozen Olivia's resident companies, such as: AirHelp, Pomerania Development Agency, Alexander Mann Solutions, Avaus, Bayer, Energa, Lyreco, Nordea, Olivia Centre, O4 Coworking, PwC, Ricoh, Sii, Skills Group, Thinking Zone, Winning Moves and Olivia's Friends.

The diverse and carefully selected repertoire of the Choir consists of captivating arrangements of popular music and musical pieces, folk songs (including African songs), as well as numerous carols and pastorals from different parts of the world.

The choir is active in concerts. It takes part in numerous events, such as the Olivia Festival, Summer on the Patio or the Charity Christmas Fair. He is also a regular special guest of the Christmas Festival in Oliwa. He also recorded his first music video for the song "Seasons of love", and as part of his cooperation with the German Chamber of Commerce, a Christmas music video was created, which included the songs: "Jingle Bells" and "We wish you a Merry Christmas".

She is planning to prepare the debut album of the Olivia Choir.

We keep our fingers crossed!

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