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Contact with art is conducive to the development of our cognitive abilities; Not only creativity, which seems obvious, but also memory.
Experiencing art is an excellent training of concentration of attention; Communing with it and creating it develops us intellectually, improves our well-being, inspires us, and relieves stress.

As part of the Olivia Art project, we present the works of Pomeranian artists. Our Residents are among them!

Piotr and Paweł Cielątkowski
Julia White
Vera Derevyanko
Veronica of Macedon

Did you know?

94% of employees believe that the presence of works of art in offices increases their attractiveness (source: Business Committee for the Arts).
61% believe that works of art inspire them to think and work more creatively (source: British Council for Offices)
30% Art has an impact on the well-being of employees and the communication of office visitors. In the space where it is present, our efficiency increases by 15%, up to 30% (source: Puls HR).

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