7 years of O4 Coworking… in numbers!

Our O4 Coworking is celebrating its 7th anniversary! So let’s give the floor to the representatives of O4, who decided to tell us about themselves… Numbers. And there’s a lot to be proud of!




There are currently 167 of us, even though we are 1 coworking space and we are only 7 years old! How is that possible? The answer can be found in the O4ian satisfaction surveys, which we have been systematically conducting for years, and this is confirmed by the fact that although the pandemic caused a temporary regression in office leasing, in subsequent quarters of 2020 we observed a systematic rebound. On the occasion of the 7. On the occasion of the birthday of O4 Coworking, we had to sum up. Since the end of winter this year, we have been able to celebrate everyday life together at work again, and in July we rented the last, 65th year. office. Take a look at what we got out of these numbers.


We’re still growing

During the first half of 2022, 37 companies joined O4 and thus we are approaching a situation in which the O4 Coworking team will be left without an office. However, this is good news for us, the companies that are with us are gradually growing and it also happens that they migrate between spaces – from smaller to larger ones. Since February 2015, almost 500 companies of all sizes have passed through our coworking space. Currently, the O4ian community consists of about 1400 people who meet in an area of about 4000 m2. In the second quarter of 2022, we broke our sales record.




We like to learn

Those who are with us know that O4 Coworking is not only about offices and desks, but also about shared time, integration, networking and workshops – that is Warsztatownia.


Since 2018, two years before the creation of O4 Flow – a coworking space for women, 79 per cent of women have been working in the EU. The participants of our workshops were women. Among the most popular topics, chosen by about two-thirds of people, were: project management, personal branding, self-presentation and negotiations. Others willingly participated in trainings in the areas of creativity, communication and e-commerce.


The temporary switch to webinars during the pandemic increased the reach of the Workshop. 2020 was a record-breaking year in terms of the number of participants. We still prefer to learn in autumn. Our research shows that it is at this time of the year that the Workshop is most popular.


In general, live workshops win over online ones. They are chosen by 59 per cent. Participants. With the passing of the pandemic, there is also less and less interest in webinars – from a few hundred people to 20 during a webinar.


We are stationary and … Virtually

It’s been two years since we launched our virtual office service. This year, since August, we have expanded its scope and customers have more options, such as flexible access to desks, conference rooms on preferential terms, as well as the attractions of Olivia Centre – Olivia Garden or the observation deck.


After the change of packages, about 70 per cent. of customers have opted for the GOLD option, which, in addition to the registered address and correspondence handling, also provides access to the space and access to the attractions of Olivia Centre.


Dynamic changes and crises cause various bumps, but so far the upcoming recession has turned out to be the time of the greatest growth for us.





What will the 8th year bring for O4 Coworking? We look at it with great curiosity and we are ready for the next challenges.



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