Olivia's Social Activist

We help, quite simply. We initiate projects and support already existing social initiatives.
And most importantly, we make them happen together. We help war refugees from Ukraine, donate blood together, support seniors, work for animal shelters and organize collections for those in need, e.g. for children in the hospital at ul. Glades. All with you and thanks to you!
Fig. Mariusz Zawolski, FlyForYou

We have been displaying this heart on the tallest building in Pomerania, Olivia Star, since March 2020. It symbolizes our gratitude to all those who help those in need during the pandemic. It is also an expression of our support. Thank you!

"A drop of energy". We have donated blood more than 45 times.

"Laptops for students" campaign. Together with you, we have donated more than 60 computers and laptops to schools.

"With a heart with Ukraine". We organize collections of in-kind gifts, together we arrange rooms for mothers with babies who come to us from war-torn Ukraine.

We organize charity events: fairs and runs on the stairs of Olivia Star - Star Challenge

Work with us!

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Let's do good together!

We meet, solve problems, work in small or larger groups, take an active part in short or longer projects, celebrate successes.

If, like us, you have the soul of a social worker, activist, volunteer, activist, join us with your idea and/or "hands to work".

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