Olivia's Photography Club

For enthusiasts of beautiful frames.
As part of the club, we organize photo sessions, workshops, webinars, and we also set ourselves photo challenges. All this to capture this one and only moment. See for yourself...
Portrait of a Contemporary Woman: My Wife, photo. Piotr Juszczyk
Portrait of a Contemporary Woman: 'Friend', photo: Aleksandra Maślij


In Olivia Star you can admire the "Sea You Tricity Music Showcase" in the frames of the Photography Club. Monika Dołżycka, Marcin Kasperski, Maciej Madaj, Adam Marczak took up the challenge of preparing a special photo report of the event, because concert photography is just such an extraordinary reportage. It shows emotions, reflects passions, exposes the unique bond between the artist and the viewer.
Portrait of a Contemporary Woman: On the Giant, photo: Alicja Makiewicz
Architectural Detail Workshop, photo: Martyna Kawińska
'Business Photography' workshop, photo: Agata Cukras

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Workshop "Car photography, photo. Valery Bahanets
Outdoor Portrait workshop, photo: Portrait in the open air Iwona Karpińska
Beauty Session workshop, photo: Kacper Bartoszewicz

All the photos that are taken during the classes and workshops of the Photography Club are born out of passion. Passion for photography, getting to know new things and the desire for continuous development. Out of special sensitivity, openness to other people, love of beauty and the world around us.

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