Yoga after work at Olivia Six | 06.11

Date: 06.11.2023
Time: 16:30
Olivia Six, 7th Floor
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10 zł - for residents
20 zł - for non-residents

We have changed the place of classes because autumn is coming:) We invite you to yoga at Olivia Six!
The number of places is limited.
Remember to sign up and have tickets, because entry to the classes is based only on a list of names.
We will not enter without a ticket.


Research confirms the positive effects of yoga on our body, mind, and emotions. Thanks to it, your body will become stronger, more flexible, resistant and supple, which automatically makes it less susceptible to injuries. Under the influence of yoga, beneficial changes in the blood occur: the amount of antioxidants increases, increasing the body’s ability to cleanse and repair itself – that is, to stay young. Another important of the many benefits of yoga is posture correction. Yet another reduced risk of heart attack, atherosclerosis, stroke, diabetes and obesity. Yoga also helps in the treatment of cardiac arrhythmias. So, join us!

The classes are conducted by trainer

What do you need to know?

We meet on Monday in the lobby of the Olivia Six building at 16:25 (from Grunwaldzka Avenue).


We enter TOGETHER with Magda on 7. Olivia Six floor (based on the list).


The building’s security will have a list of names of people enrolled in a given class, so “latecomers” will have to – in accordance with the procedure in force in Olivia – not only indicate that they are on the list, but also show an identity document at the reception, on the basis of which they will be allowed to enter the 7th floor of Olivia Six.


Bring your mat!


The number of people is limited!

Max. Number of participants
Olivia Centre
Olivia's Communications Department
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