With Olivia on a Roll: Cruise on September 28

Date: 28.09.2022
Time: 18:00
Marina Sopot
100 zł - for residents
100 zł - for non-residents

We live by the sea, so we can’t help but sail! We invite you every Wednesday for a cruise on the Bay of Gdańsk. Olivia is on a roll:) We invite all the fearless – beginners and experienced. Those who want to enjoy the summer to the fullest. Taking part in a cruise does not require sailing experience, but it is possible to gain it and catch the bug for an activity that can change your life!


  • Sunset cruise.
  • We start from the most beautiful marina in Poland, located at the end of the Sopot pier. This is also where we end our cruise.
  • We depart at 18:00
  • We return at 20:00


What to take (apart from a good mood)?

  • A comfortable set consisting of a waterproof windproof jacket, long pants and full shoes will be perfect. Layering is the key to success.
  • Shoes: sporty, with white soles.


You can buy two tickets at once, for yourself and an accompanying person.

The cost of the cruise does not include entry to the Sopot pier.


Do you have any questions? Kasper is there for you.


Kasper Orkisz


Tel. 501 094 461





  • Participants of the cruise meet just before 18:00 in Marina Sopot (at the end of the Sopot pier)
  • Here you will find additional information about Marina Sopot
  • Each time the skipper is waiting for those taking part in the cruise, at the Atena yacht with the flags of Olivia Yacht Club and Premium Yachting.
  • The meeting point is additionally marked with a stall.



Max. Number of participants
Olivia Centre/ Olivia Yacht Club
Olivia's Communications Department
Email: komunikacja@oliviacentre.com
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