We play basketball on 17.11. Dla relaksu i zdrowia

Date: 17.11.2022
Time: 16:45
Primary School No. 35
10 zł - for residents
for residents only

And there it is! Basketball with Olivia! We play recreationally, not as professionals for now;) at Primary School No. 35 in Gdańsk Oliwa. See you on Thursdays at 4:45 p.m.


What can I say, sign up, come and have fun!


And did you know that…

  1. The first basketball game was played on December 21, 1891 at the YMCA school in the United States. Two teams took part in the game, each of them had 9 players. Basketball quickly gained great popularity, not only in the United States, but also in neighboring Canada and several other countries: China, England, Australia, France, India and Japan.
  2. The creator of the rules of basketball was James Naismith – a physical education teacher at the YMCA and a pastor.
  3. Initially, the players threw the ball into the basket using special sticks with a net – only then were the final appearance and rules of basketball clarified.
  4. In 1896, dribbling was allowed (until then, the ball could be passed without moving during possession).
  5. In 1904, basketball was presented for the first time at the Olympic Games, but not in the form of a discipline, but in the form of a demonstration of a new game.
  6. The year 1935 was the first European Basketball Championship (since that date it has been organized cyclically).
  7. In 1936, the game was introduced as one of the official disciplines of the Olympic Games.




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