Thinking Zone invites you to the Spanish Club!

Date: 18.11.2022
Time: 17:00
Thinking Zone, Olivia Gate B
68 zł - for residents
68 zł - for non-residents

The Thinking Zone invites you to the Spanish Club and to the Fiesta de Cultura Latina!


The Spanish Club is a space where students, parents, as well as people interested in Spanish culture can learn Spanish together, celebrate the festivals of the countries of Spanish culture, learn about their traditions and customs, dance and music, as well as world-famous dishes. The Spanish Club is also a place where participants and guests can exchange knowledge and experience during organized workshops and conferences, as well as cultural festivals.


For whom?

The meetings are intended for children, teenagers and adults.



Arturo Condori comes from Peru, but for many years he has been traveling around the world, sharing his energy, creativity and promoting the culture of his country. Arturo is a Spanish teacher with many years of experience working with children and adults.

My life philosophy is one of positivity, optimism and pragmatism. I also share these values in my daily work with students. I want to arouse their curiosity, desire to learn about other cultures and openness to the multiculturalism of the modern world. An open mind absorbs knowledge! – this is how Arturo says about his work.


Upcoming Spanish Club meeting:
Fiesta de Cultura Latina

Fiesta de Cultura Latina – in the countries of Latino culture, fiestas are local festivals of historical or folk character, referring to the rich tradition of individual regions. Preparations are very important and usually take weeks. And the fiesta itself is a very lively fun. The program of the event includes music, dances, games, piñata, food, exotic drinks, a raffle and a surprise! More…






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