The Art of Adaptation – Strategic Agility and Effective Management in Times of Uncertainty | 17.06

Date: 17.06.2024
Time: 11:00
Olivia Six
Pomerania Development Agency
Free - for residents
bezpłatne - for non-residents

We invite you to a workshop aimed at developing strategic thinking skills and a flexible approach to change management in a dynamically changing business environment.


By participating in the workshop, you will gain knowledge and tools that will help you effectively navigate through uncertainty and make changes in your organizations.


For whom?
● Entrepreneurs
● Business owners
● CEOs
● Executives


Objectives of the workshop:
● Presentation of key tools and methods that help in managing complexity and uncertainty.
● Learning to recognize different types of uncertainty (known, unknown) and understanding how these categories affect the decision-making process.
● Understanding how to view change from the perspective of the organization as a whole.
● Group exercises that will enable the practical application of the tools and techniques discussed.
● Ideation of action plans that participants can implement in their companies after the workshop


When and where?
● June 17, 2024 (Monday)
● Time 11:00 – 13:00
● Pomerania Development Agency S.A. – Gdańsk, Al. Grunwaldzka 472 D, Olivia Six building, 12th floor



Max. Number of participants
Pomerania Development Agency
Pomerania Development Agency
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