Set your goals with brand archetypes

Date: 20.10.2022
Time: 15:00
Talent Development Centre/ Olivia Six
Free - for residents
bezpłatne - for non-residents

The aim of the Talent Development Centre workshops is individual, in-depth work on one’s own resources. During the class, you will learn about the 13 archetypes and how to use them to define your styles of action. You will also find out what message you are directing to your professional world – this is the first step to determine whether you want to change anything in this message.


We invite you together with CRT to a workshop using the “Brand Archetypes” tool by Gabriela Borowczyk. During the classes, we will jointly analyze the participants’ resources and strengthen each other on the way to setting individual (small and large) development goals.


If you feel ready to work on your potential in depth, you are cordially invited!


The workshops will be conducted by career counsellors Milena Chomik and Justyna Wróbel.


The organizer of the workshops is the Talent Development Center – a modern and friendly place for all people looking for support in creating their professional career. The Center’s priority is to help build strengths and support talent development and teach skills that boost self-confidence. It creates a network of practical cooperation between employment services and educational institutions and employers to create a common value, which is the use of the potential of talents on the labor market.

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Talent Development Center
Talent Development Center
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