Jazz in the Clouds | Frank Sinatra’s Greatest Hits | 2.07

Date: 02.07.2023
Time: 19:00
Building: Star
34th floor
- for residents
- for non-residents

About the event

We invite you to the performance “Sinatra Way” – Frank Sinatra’s greatest hits. It is a special opportunity to participate in the performance of the Musical Theatre in Gdynia staged on the highest stage in Poland, located at the 34. on the first floor of the Olivia Star building as part of the “Jazz in the Clouds” series. Sinatra Way tickets are on sale now.


Sinatra Way

We have made every effort to ensure that Frank Sinatra’s music sounds as it was usually listened to by the participants of New York and Las Vegas clubs – guests will sit at tables, next to the bar available throughout the evening, with a view of the illuminated night panorama of the Tri-City from its top floor. Let’s move together into this unforgettable, nostalgic atmosphere, letting ourselves be carried away by the cult hits performed by Tomasz Więcek. This event is a guarantee of a completely different experience from a visit to the theatre hall.


“Sinatra Way” is a tribute to the legend, full of emotions and emotions that will stay with you forever. Experience the magic of the unique Olivia Star stage and let the sounds, words and interpretation of Tomasz Więcek take you on a unique musical journey. It will be an evening you will not forget!


Tickets start from PLN 119 per person.





Max. Number of participants
Olivia Star TOP
Olivia Star TOP
Email: 34@oliviastar.pl
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