How to move your business online?

Date: 12.07.2023
Time: 17:00
Building: Gate A
78 zł - for residents
99 zł - for non-residents
  1. Create a vision of yourself as an expert. We’ll show you how to build your image as an expert in your field by participating in webinars, conducting online training, and creating valuable content. You will learn strategies that will help you gain the trust of your customers and stand out from the competition.
  2. E-books as a marketing tool. You will learn how to create attractive e-books that will serve as free added value for your customers or an additional source of income. Once written, an e-book can bring income for many years! We’ll discuss techniques for writing, designing, and promoting eBooks to grab the attention of new audiences and build your subscriber list.
  3. Effective newsletter. You will learn the key elements of an effective newsletter that will serve as a tool to maintain constant communication with your customers. You will learn how to create valuable content, build relationships, and generate sales through a newsletter.
  4. Harness the potential of crossover. We will discuss cross-promotion strategies, i.e. using synergies between your business and other brands or industry experts. You will learn how to conduct joint marketing campaigns that will attract new customers and increase sales.
  5. Create an online portfolio. You will learn how to effectively create an online portfolio that will present your skills and achievements in an attractive way. You’ll learn how to use different online platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, or Canva to grab the attention of potential customers and business partners.


What’s more?


  • At the beginning of the meeting, you will receive a worksheet so that we can adjust the discussed strategies to your business on an ongoing basis and find new opportunities tailored to your needs.
  • After the workshop, you will receive a summary with handy tips to use right away.




DANIELA STILGER, Digital Marketing Specialist

She has been in online business since 2020 and so far she has helped my clients create 8 online courses, 22 sales campaigns and organized 23 webinars. Starting as a virtual assistant, over time she specialized in the technical side: websites, graphics, course platforms, online products. Her clients know that nothing is impossible for her, they are just “not figured out” YET. During the training, he will share clever ways to turn every situation in the online world to your advantage and see a multitude of new opportunities that bring real earnings. He talks about marketing in a relaxed and non-pompous way, so expect good energy and a large dose of optimism that you will take with you to your business.




O4 Coworking, Olivia Centre – Olivia Gate A building
O4 Flow 1st floor


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