GFKM: Strategic Management

Date: 23.03.2023
Time: 08:30
Olivia Gate B, GFKM
1650 zł - for residents
1650 zł - for non-residents

The Gdańsk Foundation for Management Development invites you to the “Strategic Management” training.



The essence of strategic management is the ability to design and implement strategies. It sets the directions and rules of the company’s operation for many years. It allows for optimal use of resources and development opportunities in a difficult, competitive environment. The company’s management is responsible for creating a strategic vision for the company, the market, and competitors in the future. Therefore, it must reasonably accurately predict how market demand will change, whether new products, technologies, marketing methods and strategies, new qualifications or skills of employees will appear.


Two days

March 23-24


Training methods

The program is based on the Activity Based Learning methodology (participatory managerial training workshop). This methodology is considered to be the most effective method of developing leadership, managerial and managerial knowledge and skills.


The basic assumption of the ABL methodology is that the process of competence development takes place through active action and experience. During the training program, this is achieved by constantly linking training experience (simulations, individual and team tasks, etc.) with the possibility of applying the acquired skills in everyday work in the company.


For whom?

The training program is especially recommended for the group of top and middle managers of the organization, who in their work are responsible for strategic management of the organization and initiating and introducing changes at the strategic level of the organization. The training program is each time adapted to the profile of the group of participants.


Training program

  • A company in the environment
  • Shaping the company’s identity
  • The process of formulating the company’s strategy
  • Analysis of the competitive environment
  • Competitive advantage and its sources
  • Strategic diagnosis of the organization
  • Strategic decision making


Benefits for participants

After completing the training, the participant:

  • Understanding the basic aspects of the strategic management process in an organization
  • Getting to know the participants with the methodology of formulating and implementing the strategy
  • Becoming aware of the importance of the role of the manager in the process of strategic management of the organization
  • Understanding the mechanisms governing the process of formulating the organization’s strategy, as well as indicating methods of preparing subordinates to implement the strategy in the company
  • Ability to carry out the process of strategic analysis of the company
  • Developing the ability to take an interdisciplinary, comprehensive view of the organization’s activities in the long term


Additional information

  • Training participants receive a complete set of materials
  • Class hours: 8:30 – 15:30
  • 23% VAT should be added to the price of the training


Price: 1650 PLN + 23% VAT





Max. Number of participants
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