GFKM: Organizational CSR Management

Date: 07.03.2023
Time: 08:30
Olivia Gate B, GFKM
3950 zł - for residents
3950 zł - for non-residents

The Gdańsk Foundation for Management Development invites you to a training organized in cooperation with the Foundation for the Initiation of Development “CSR management in the organization”.



  • The training is organized in cooperation with the Development Initiation Foundation – an expert organization that is the initiator and partner of the most important projects in the Pomeranian region related to CSR and sustainable development goals. Participants will have the opportunity to learn about CSR practice in leading global and domestic companies.
  • The training will introduce participants to the area of CSR risk and communication and will allow them to look at the future challenges that must be faced in order to succeed in working on Corporate Social Responsibility in a company.
  • GFKM is a team of Polish and international experts who provide clients with above-average business results through the development of competences, innovation and motivation of the management and employee staff as well as the improvement of the company’s management and operational processes. One of the areas that are an important element of running a business and cooperation with the environment is CSR, without which entrepreneurship becomes alienated from the modern economy.


3 sessions x 2 days

March 7 – April 26


For whom?

  • for people who intend to take up new topics and challenges in the entities in which they work,
  • for people who will independently create assumptions and implement CSR in the company, build a team responsible for social responsibility,
  • for company managers who will introduce CSR into their strategy,
  • for people working in units or positions responsible for CSR, who are looking for a source of knowledge and contacts to systematize activities.


Benefits for participants

Upon completion of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • deepen the goals of sustainable development and learn about the priorities of the Polish economy and be able to implement them in the organization
  • identify priority areas of CSR activity in the company
  • understand the role of CSR policies and their significance and impact on the functioning of the company
  • independently map your organization’s stakeholders and determine their level of impact
  • be able to define what non-financial reporting is, know the main principles, standards and guidelines of non-financial reporting, prepare the reporting process in their organization
  • understand the benefits of reporting, how to meet the requirements of the Accounting Act in the field of non-financial reporting
  • be able to apply the knowledge learned in the process of creating a report in your organization
  • be able to use selected communication tools in promoting CSR in the organization
  • understand the process of building a credible communication message
  • apply in practice the knowledge of positive persuasion and effective presentation
  • be able to identify key areas and people related to project communication inside and outside the organization
  • understand the role of assembling the right team, planning the project, and building buy-in for the project
  • be able to apply the acquired knowledge in creating the basic elements of project planning: project charter, task register, risk and constraint analysis


Additional information

  • Training participants receive a complete set of materials
  • Class hours: 8:30 – 15:30
  • 23% VAT should be added to the price of the training


Price: 3950 PLN + 23% VAT




Max. Number of participants
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