Gdansk Photojournalist. Workshop with Piotr Połoczański

Date: 15.11.2023
Time: 16:30
Building: Four
Krypton | O4 Coworking
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49 zł - for residents
99 zł - for non-residents

Gdansk Photojournalist.
Photography workshop with Piotr Połoczański.

What can I say? Welcome!

15.11 | 16:30 – 18:30 | Krypton in O4 Coworking



Day 1
(I’ll see you in the Krypton room in Olivia Four, so it’s going to be intimate and relaxed, and at the same time a lot of specifics and solid knowledge)

How to be a good photojournalist? What do you need to know, do, have? Advice, hints, tips, anecdotes.

A story about the art of photojournalism and the work of a photojournalist in the press office of the Mayor of Gdańsk.

Photojournalism techniques, necessary equipment, everyday life.

  • Presentation of photos and anecdotes from the Tri-City reporter scene.
  • Photographic equipment. A photojournalist’s must-have.
  • Lenses and accessories.
  • Clothing, harnesses.
  • Extras in the form of electronics for fast shipment of material.
  • Photo editing – an overview of the basics.


Day 2
(date, place, time to be agreed with Piotr Połoczański)

  • Working together with workshop participants
  • Fieldwork during the event [do ustalenia wydarzenie]
  • Simulation of cooperation with the editorial office [forma rozrywkowa]

Evaluation of works: after individual contact with the teacher.



Piotr Połoczański

A photographer associated with Gdańsk, whose heyday he has been documenting in his work for over 20 years, focusing on Nowy Port – the district where he has lived since birth. His photo archive is a kind of “sociological record” of the urban fabric. The main forms of Piotr Połoczański’s work are portraiture and reportage, and the dominant theme is the life of the inhabitants of his beloved city. What is characteristic of Piotr Połoczański’s photography is the combination of trust of the photographed persons and the artist’s discretion, manifested in the form of reportage that dominates his works. One of the effects of his work is a series of suggestive portraits of the inhabitants of Gdańsk, which he has been carrying out for years.

In 2012, he won an award in the “Gdańsk Press Photo” competition in the Culture category. The documentary nature of the author’s long-term work was summed up during his first exhibition in 2013 at the Centre for Contemporary Art “Łaźnia II” entitled “2.28 km2”. From 2013 to 2019, he was the Photographer of the Mayor of Gdańsk – Paweł Adamowicz. In the years 2020-2021, he was the Photographer of the Mayor of Gdańsk Aleksandra Dulkiewicz. He cooperates with the Pomeranian Marshal’s Office. The result of the Photographer’s cooperation with the authorities of the City of Gdańsk is a pandemic calendar depicting the Gdańsk Heroes of that time, in which the portrayed people were immortalized by the artist.



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