FLOW TALKS. Meetings of extraordinary women

Date: 21.06.2023
Time: 18:00
Building: Gate A
129 zł - for residents
129 zł - for non-residents

June 21 @ 18:00 21:00

FLOW TALKS is a series of inspiring meetings for women who want to introduce positive transformations in their lives. The initiative was created for women who want to achieve success, make their dreams come true, gain motivation and inspiration, and meet other fantastic women.

During the meeting:

  • you will listen to 8 inspiring speeches
  • you will meet 8 exceptional speakers
  • you will gain contacts to dozens of women
  • you will get inspired!


It is a great opportunity to meet interesting people who have achieved success, made significant changes in their lives and share their knowledge and experience.


During this event, you will be able to listen to their stories, get practical tips and take advantage of valuable advice from our experts.


It doesn’t matter if you are an entrepreneurial woman, a professional, or looking for inspiration to change your life – this event is for you. A variety of topics will meet the needs and goals of each participant of the event.


Why is it worth taking part in the workshop?

  • You will receive inspiration to make positive changes in your daily life, work or business
  • You will gain knowledge from experts in your field
  • You will take part in networking games that we have prepared especially for this occasion
  • You will meet other exceptional women and establish new valuable relationships
  • You will discover your dormant inner potential and believe that you can do much more than you think
  • You will gain power to act
  • You will do something for yourself and have a good time.


Learn about the topics of the speeches

  • Strength is a woman – the feminine power of change | Monika Ośmiałowska | Attorney & Coach

  • BOLD use of turbo crisis moments
    | Justyna Jakubczyk | CX Designer & Trainer
  • Breaking Boundaries: How Courage to Grow Leads to Goals | Anetta Lasota, Head of Service Process Management | thyssenkrupp

  • The Power of Vulnerability on LinkedIn – success has a new definition

    | Natalia Chęć| Marketer, Guide of expert brands at LI
  • My rooms – how to take care of your inner peace and sense of security? | Joanna Hirnyj | Lifecoach and Cognitive Coach

  • The Three Biggest Work Mistakes I’ve Made Out of Fear – Inspired

    | Marta Moksa | Manager O4 Coworking
  • Topic coming soon!
  • Maybe it’s YOU? Details below.


O4 Coworking, Olivia Centre – Olivia Gate A building
O4 Flow 1st floor


How much does it cost?

Join the Flow Club and take part in meetings free of charge or at promotional prices. How can I join? Sign up!


You can also buy a one-time ticket and see if this workshop is for you.


You are Olivia’s Resident, ask for a discount code. Write to:
and learn more.






Max. Number of participants
O4 Flow/ O4 Coworking
Karolina Rymarczyk
Email: karolina.rymarczyk@oliviacentre.com
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