Flow Club meeting: is coaching for me?

Date: 29.11.2022
Time: 17:00
Building: Gate A
Flow Club
49 zł - for residents
49 zł - for non-residents

During the workshop dedicated to the ladies from the Flow Club, the topic of coaching will be presented by Kamila Kowalska – HR Business Partner at Santander Bank Polska.

What will you learn at the meeting?

During the workshop you will learn what coaching is, when it is worth reaching for it, and when to use other forms of development. We will also talk about the types of coaching, whether and when it is effective, how much a coaching session costs and how to choose a good coach.

First of all, you will have the opportunity to experience a few coaching exercises on yourself, thanks to which you will get to know yourself better and answer the question – is coaching a tool for me?


Workshop framework plan

  1. Coaching – what is it? And what is it not? Types of coaching
  2. Differences between therapy, training, mentoring and coaching
  3. A little bit about emotions – why they are so important in personal development.
  4. Do you know your goal?
  5. What are your values in the context of the goal?
  6. Effectiveness of coaching – what makes coaching work? And when it doesn’t work?
  7. How to choose a coach – what to consider when choosing?
  8. The Circle of Life – Where Do I Want to Start?


Who will conduct the workshop?

Kamila Kowalska

HR Business Partner, manager, coach, tutor, development advisor.

For many years, she has been working with managers, accompanying them in making key decisions concerning their teams. He has experience working with people from various industries in large corporations. He manages all HR processes, implements projects, trains and helps others develop their potential.

He believes that anyone can reach the heights of their abilities with the right motivation and awareness. At work, he uses the knowledge gained during trainings in methods such as MBTI, DISC, Gallup talents. In coaching, she is fascinated by both the path to the goal and its effect – i.e. the change experienced by the coachee.

People who have been coached come out richer, happier, with more self-confidence and more empowered – they take actions that bring satisfaction.

She conducts coaching based on the Coachwise method, giving you space to safely experiment and find your path.


How much does it cost?

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